Hi folks… Drew over at The Tattooed Book Geek is celebrating his 6 month blog anniversary with a poetry contest giveaway. If you don’t follow Drew yet, then chop-chop, head over and check out his successful blog. He writes really detailed book reviews and publishes his own poetry. Many a time I’ve had wet eyes from reading his poems, he just hits that really miserable spot most of the times, but man, does it make you feel alive!

I haven’t written poetry for 13 years… that tells you that the last time I wrote stuff I was a love sick teenager. Going by the below poem, I probably still am. But challenge accepted. I once wrote a story titled HeartKiller. Naturally it sits in my Onedrive drafts somewhere for the past 3 years but I always found it the best story I ever wrote. So based on that story I wrote a poem for Drew’s contest.

So, with shaky hands and embarrassed, blushing cheeks, here it is! Excuse the sap!


Covered in black from head to toe,

his face an expression of permanent scowl.

“Get away! Leave me alone! You’re all fake and wrong!”

He was hiding his weakness by coming off strong.

Petite, energetic and strawberry blonde,

she wanted to show how truly fond

of the broken man she had become,

all her feelings laid bare and buttons undone.

Back and forth,

on and off,

never looking to find a common goal.

Back and forth,

on and off,

never finding a way to become one single soul.

Broken, bruised and battered once more,

their hearts will go off in a search for another.

Shaken, stirred and suspicious once more,

is there anyone there who would love a cadaver?

Back and forth,

on and off,

two hearts locked away, forever undone.

Back and forth,

on and off,

HeartKiller’s work, however, is done!