Songs on Repeat ‘Not Really A Book’ Tag

Drew The Tattooed Book Geek did this lovely music tag on his blog and I was like, hellyea I’m gonna have a go at this… Below you’ll find tunes that I listen to when I read, when I cook, when I clean, when I walk, drive, eat, etc, etc… I’m a bit stuck on the older stuff because new doesn’t necessarily always mean better. But… have a listen and I hope your ears won’t bleed, because I like it loud and roary…

DevilDriver– Dez’s lengthy roars are just pure man. Keep your firemen and men in suits, I’ll take a roaring bastard any day of the week. The beginning of End Of The Line is just so good, it always calms me down and then the rest of the song manages to inject me with some proper energy. Every.Single.Time…

Slipknot– My Slipknot love started with their song called ‘People=Shit’ and that was a long time ago. I have a T-shirt and all πŸ˜€ No wonder I make no friends when out and about! But below are two songs from their newest album. I love them both equally!

I started off with tunes likely to scare people off… well, here are some mellower tunes…

Katatonia– Oh this band! This band is my vessel for out of body experience trips. Their tunes  are just out of this world and make me float! I could spend a full day flat on the floor, stare at the ceiling and imagine crazy things while listening to Katatonia. I like how the song just rolls somehow… Viva Emptiness and The Great Cold Distance are still my two favorite albums by Katatonia.

HIM– I’m a die hard fan of Ville Valo. Two reasons- his voice and his lyrics.His voice has such a wide range it still knocks me to six and the lyrics are just the best I’ve ever come across. Sure, it’s ‘love metal’ or whatever, but you can’t find a more creative use of words. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eyes as well… The best looking Finn Finland has to offer!

Loits– They are an Estonian band and I listen to this one song ‘Kodu’ (meaning: Home) very very often. Naturally, for the screams, roars and pure metal, but also to soothe my homesickness! So, if you’re interested you’ll get an example of what a singing Estonian sounds like and what a screaming Estonian sounds like πŸ˜€ Pretty darned cold and raw I tells ya!

31834_135375976472875_801386_nThe above is really just a glimpse at what I listen to. So, there we have it folks… to finish off, here’s a picture of my boots from one of the last metal festivals I was at! It’s pretty darned disgusting… it was raining buckets and some people were going about in flip flops and I was gagging every step at the ugliness… but, hey, that’s the reality of it!



  1. I know Slipknot and HIM. I was kinda obsessed with HIM years ago, and I blame Bam Margera (skater from Jackass), which sounds odd, but he was friends with the lead singer of HIM, and I used to watch his TV show, which is also how I learned about a lot of bands from Europe. I had mentioned HIM to Drew back in July because of our Butterfly and Fluffy poems, asking if he remembered the HIM song Rip Out The Wings of a Butterfly, and he told me oh yeah, my mother used to listen to them years ago. πŸ˜‚ And knowing Drew, he probably also told me about how metal is for big boys or something like that. πŸ™‚ I was also thinking about doing this tag.

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    • Yeah, I know Bam… I seen a few episodes where Bam mentioned Ville etc. I think I saw something abiout that ‘wedding’ of his where they went all gothic πŸ˜€ I think i’ve been listening to HIM since… gosh, for the last 14 years and they’re older stuf just never gets old for me… plus the older stuff is a bit more dark and emotionally morbid than the newer stuff, but the new stuf is good as well. I can’t wait for a new album from them (next year I think?!) just to see if they’ll be back at their musical ‘roots’…

      Ha, metal for big boys… well, if metal is for big boys then it’s also for WOMEN who are larger than life! πŸ™‚

      Do have a go at the tag, would be interesting to see your choices πŸ™‚

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  2. Ha, I never said metal is for big boys I more than likely said metal is the only real music choice that everyone should listen to!

    Some interesting choices, I do like some slipknot, devil driver, I generally prefer some clean singing in with the screaming but devil driver are far better than his old band in coal chamber!

    Oh my, Him, as Jilly said my mother likes or liked Him a fair few years ago now, not sure if that means you both have decent taste in music or not as…….she also likes Nickelback! πŸ˜‚

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  3. Okay, that first song is pure gold! I’m so glad you made me discover it! πŸ˜€ Katatonia and Slipknot = <3.
    I don't know a lot of HIM, but it's hilarious to see that Drew's mother is a fan xD. And hey! I actually like those boots, a lot! I'm just wondering what on earth that thing on the ground is that looks like a diaper full of diarrhea XD.

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  4. Hahaha, diaper full of shit… Yeah, no, just some old wrapper filled with mud water… I bloody hope anyway! πŸ˜‚ I can’t remember a stink 😁
    Yeah, glad you liked devildriver song… I don’t really dig their newer stuff.. yet… But I could care less and hold back the day are other good tunes by them.


  5. I had no idea there was a subgenre called Love Metal, ha ha, I will be checking out more HIM for sure. I loved LOITS. The vocals were unconventional and the music was leaning towards old school metal. Give me a solid double kickdrum and I’ll followyou anywhere! πŸ˜€

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