Right… peeps… Any UFC fans in the place? Say AY-OH!

Easons bookstore in Killarney, Ireland hosted the book signing event by Coach Kavanagh for his book ‘Win or Learn’… Hell yeah I was gonna grab my copy, zoom over and get the signature with the mandatory pics…

That’s right peeps, I met the humble yet fantastic Coach, got the signature and the freaking belt on my shoulder! Yes, that is yours truly… I know, trolling gets a whole new meaning here πŸ˜€ JK…

I’m just super psyched that my dear hubster chaffeured me and took the photos. My first ever book signing event! That’s me sorted for xmas! πŸ™‚

By the way, if you’re into MMA, UFC, hate or love Conor McGregor- here’s a book rec- Win or Learn by John Kavanagh. You can find my review HERE if you’re at all interested.


Over and out, y’all! Thanks for your attention!