32489239In Bonespin Slipspace, all is not what it seems.

Rudy and Tammy may have made the biggest mistake of their lives by accepting an invitation to Blackburn’s manor to party with the depraved Manorites. Head-games, ghoulish hallucinations, and disturbing memories lurk around every corner of the psychic and physical labyrinth that is The Manor Experience. Rudy and Tammy may never get out alive, but, in Blackburn’s world, even death may no longer offer the familiar escape.

Give Rimbaud an x-ray machine. Tie up and gag Baudelaire. Introduce Poe to bondage. Do you dare enter the realm of Bonespin Slipspace?

I won this book via Goodreads giveaway, so I would like to thank Leo X. Robertson for the opportunity and for posting the book out to me super quickly 🙂 This novella is definitely one of the most outstanding works on my shelf… It shall be stored on the highest of high shelves, away from the reach of young, innocent minds! 🙂

Bonespin Slipspace is 70 pages in paperback format, published by Psychedelic Horror Press and illustrated by Thuy Vi Pham.

You see that cover? Look at it again… it’ll make your head spin. Yeah, you! You don’t need those shrooms tonight. Just keep staring at the cover.. there, there! …

The whole reading experience was…. it was something… I can’t really find the words. You know when there’s something happening that you don’t have the stomach for but your sadistic subconscious disables you to look away, even to close your eyes? The setting, the characters, the scenes… they’re all an image of a dirty underbelly of a filthy underbelly! Having read the authors <spoilery> description for the novella I can understand where he’s coming from with the background and attitudes of the characters. The youthful intrigue in all things wild, forbidden…but… dayum! In Bonespin Slipspace the norm, even the wild norm, was thrown out the window.

McKamey Manor is this place where you can go and get tortured for hours on end, and for some reason there’s a waiting list of months because of all the people that want to try it! Very few people make it through the “experience”—you’re not allowed to disclose anything about what that is—but some of those who do get through go on to become Manor staff. What the hell?! Who are these people who want to go through this experience? What might that experience consist of? Who came up with the idea and why?

Leo X. Robertson

The writing is so descriptive and capturing that Leo has managed to take that which 99,9% of us wouldn’t admit to ever thinking of, would even dare to consider thinking of, and bravely published it into a tale that will shock, shake, disgust. As a reader you’ll be a version of Alice falling down a rabbit hole.. except you won’t land in Wonderland.. you’ll land in a nightmare of torture, sexual extremities and demons with a conclusion which feels more like a prison than a positive outcome! The story has discomfort in spades… and yet I am not entirely sure I was able to truly understand and take away the underlining meaning which I am sure author had neatly woven into the background. Maybe the shock factor caught me too much… Maybe my mind is too closed… Maybe I fell into the trap of ‘selective reading’ and got too caught up on the violence…

My rating: 3 stars. I can’t say I liked it, the whole thing, but I can admire the imagination, the reality, the idea, the bravery in publishing the darkest of the dark… You can purchase a copy HERE … read at your own risk! 😉

I fully intend to check out the author’s other works… Rude Vile Pigs looks quite interesting, as does Sinkhole