35456420While kicking about their squat, a community of crust punk squatters from the north of England learn all about the newly elected President of the World. Turns out this president happens to be their worst nightmare in a shirt and tie. He is, in their words, a corporate swine who promises to make things do stuff tomorrow. Nobody has a fucking clue what he’s talking about.

The punks soon figure that the only sensible response to the madness happening all across the world is to fly the band over to America and put on the protest show to end all protest shows. But shortly after landing in Los Angeles, the band quickly finds themselves in trouble with just about everyone…

American presidential nightmares, Tory filth, post-truth nonsense, alt-right gobshites; Prezident Scumbag! takes a pop at all of these and more in the crustiest, filthiest, angriest narrative ever to come out of somebody’s imagination. At a time when culture is begging for a reawakening of anti-establishment sentiments, Rupert Dreyfus continues to fill that void by taking his two middle fingers and ramming them down the collective throat of the mainstream.

If you’re sick and tired of right-wing populist bell-ends pretending they’re the new anti-establishment force then this story will provide you with reassurance that you’re not going mental.

Source Format Pages Publisher Genre Publication Date
Author ebook 164 Guerilla Fiction Publications Satire June 16th, 2017

Quite possibly one of the craziest novellas I’ve ever read. When I say- craziest- I mean it lovingly. Prezident Scumbag! delivers a goodie bag of middle fingers. It’s hilarious, relevant, sobering… It has heart, mischief and passion. It has worry for the world and future.

Through a drug-fuelled and entirely vegan haze, Archie the joint smoking hippie, the unofficial leader of crusties, speaks the Mother of Truth. It will challenge quite a lot of people, I think- after all, we’re all so easily offended now, aren’t we?! I felt challenged, too… It wasn’t the idea of the protest at the White House, it wasn’t the anarchists, nor the profanity… It was the drugs and the puking that made me turn up my nose… f*ck! My delicate heart was grimacing! They do say to face your fears, I need a medal for being brave.

Prezident Scumbag! takes No.1 spot on many levels:
* Most profane- check. (I added a few new choice words into my vocabulary! )
* Most drug-fuelled- check. (It quite possibly tops Trainspotting, I’m not even kidding!)
* Most adventurous- check. (A punk band with a great cause travelling from Norf of England to America, meeting Demon Dogs biker gang, staring down the barrel of a drug dealer’s shotgun, meeting Native Americans.)
* Funny- check. (Mary on mushy brew was hilarious! I’m not saying I would love a travel companion in such a state but it was hilarious.. like tears running out of my eyes!)

Even though the novella is delightfully mental (because ‘normal’ is not a goal to be proudly striving for anymore) it is more. More. So much more. In between the worthy goal and shenanigans of Sick Bastards punk band members (one more dense than the next), there’s wisdom to plant a seed of ‘something else, something different’ into society’s mushy brain.

Prezident Scumbag!‘s message is strong and stinks of vomit but it’s a message nonetheless.

Prezident Scumbag! is:
*up yours to the 9-5
*up yours to the skinheads and racists
*up yours to the system
*up yours to mainstream
*up yours to nanny state
*anti-status quo, anti-establishment,
*up yours to the corporations and profiteers that would kill their Grandma only to add another zero at the end of their bank account balance.

If you can’t agree with that, go back to your sandpit and bury your head in it!

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There was this interview by Kostas from BabelsBook with Rupert Dreyfus and I think if you consider reading the book but are not quite sure yet, check it out HERE and I am sure it’ll be easy to make up your mind then.

I am happy to say that I also managed to get my hands on The Rebel’s Sketchbook by Dreyfus… scored it directly from author and I hope to read it very very soon… so stay tuned!

25966456Maniac world leaders; talentless boybands; Westminster politicians; social media idiots; zero-hour contracts. Rupert’s first collection of short stories uses transgressive fiction, black comedy and satire as a weapon for shooting down all of these and more. Keeping the spirit of rebellion alive, The Rebel’s Sketchbook is set to become one of the most controversial releases in a generation.

To finish up… Here’s fitting song: