I know what you think- ‘cull’ is a pretty strong word but I think reviewing and cutting the Goodreads TBR list is exactly this dramatic! New year, new me and all that jazz, I admit that it’s time to get my TBR list under control… somewhat…

The idea isn’t only to shorten the TBR pile by weeding out the titles that no longer interest me, the titles that I now look and think, Oh 2013 Liz, why did you ever think this was going to be your thing? ย – I also want to take that close look at my TBR list and actually read the titles I have added on this shelf… I know, right?

I am sure there are challenges that deal with this exact same scenario, but frankly, I was too lazy to google them so I thought, I’ll just wing it somehow, and this is how I will play it out…

For every (monthly? bi-monthly? when the lord guides?) post of this feature, I will look at 10 books in my TBR pile, cull the ones that no longer make sense and pick one book (hey! it’s a start) to finally read.

Freakonomics: truth is- I may not get around to this book for years to come, but I am reluctant to cull this title. I am curious, I want to know what (crazy) theories this book holds. So, it stays!

Memoirs of a Geisha: OK, so it looks like everyone and their mother has read this book and general consensus is that it’s loved! I must go with the flow/masses and keep it on the list!

A Grief Observed: Cull. Sorry. There was a time when I wanted to read this, but at this moment in time- it’s a no. Life will have hardships for everyone aplenty and this will probably feel too close for comfort. Besides I am too tired to appreciate this. Maybe I will find my way back to this book in the future.

A Man Without a Country: that’s a no-brainer; this book will stay on the list! Can’t/won’t/shouldn’t cull Gut!

Ma langesin esimesel sรตjasuvel: You probably wonder- what is this weird title? Yeah, that’s Estonian. The book was published in 1979 and its theme is WW2 in Estonia. This title stays!

The Secret Life of a Satanist: ahhhh, this is a tough one. On one hand I would like to read this, on other- am I really that pushed to know? OK, decision made- cull time!

Dissecting Marilyn Manson: Cull. Not because I don’t love MM anymore, the love is still strong, but since adding this book, I have read MM’s autobio and spent countless hours on youtube watching documentaries and interviews… I think I have enough to go on!

Eye of the Red Tsar: Yes, I would love to read this book, but in my heart of hearts I know it will probably never happen… or will it? damn it… OK, I read the blurb again and I am keeping this one! It sounds too interesting to cull ๐Ÿ™‚

The Eden Express: As above- can’t/won’t shouldn’t cull Gut!

Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground: yeahhh… this is totally staying on my TBR pile!

TBR Count Original: 589 // Cull: 3 // TBR Count New: 586

Book I chose to read next: Eye of the Red Tsar