Hello! Long time, no… blogging? πŸ™‚ Some of you are probably shaking your head at my very unblogger like behaviour- “she’s always too busy with work to keep up with posts, never does anything fun and engaging on the blog… and keeps bloody disappearing!” A-ha, yep, that’s me!

Good news is, I am now trying to get back to a bit of blogging routine. I have to. I have like a million books I need to read and review, including 6 Netgalley titles. I know, scary! So, where in the fecks have I been?

Well, some of you folks now I packed up what little earthly possessions I have, grabbed my husband and moved to Estonia, from Ireland. So, yeah, that was interesting… So, just a really brief overview of the whole moving adventure…

We started our trip on the 1st of February. Stena Line ferry from Rosslare, Ireland to Cherbourg. Now… it was exciting and all but we got fuck all sleep on the ferry because it was THE noisiest cabin in existence. The ferry engine and vibrations were like a slow drip, drip, drip of a torture… The ferry itself took ~17 hours and most of it was overnight. Yeah, we ‘christened’ that ferry the HellaLine! hahaha…

From Cherbourg we took direction towards Germany and we didn’t stop that first day on the continent. We drove until we reached Aachen and checked into a 4 star hotel close to the motorway. Got a proper good sleep, an even better breakfast the next day and hit the road.

Next stop- TravemΓΌnde port. So, that second day on mainland Europe, we gave our little 1.6L Suzuki Grand Vitara some proper welly (I mean, it’s a 4×4 drive and low geared, so having the little Zuki go 115km/h with 4500 rpms non stop for 8-9 hours was really pushing it, haha). We made it to
TravemΓΌnde in the evening… and… checked into a 5 star hotel, hahaha… really, that was an accident! We were tired and gagging for a beer after the autobahn and lorries and roadworks, so we pretty much drove around this little town and checked into the first place that had a hotel sign visible. Brilliant hotel, great sleep- truly, it was like checking into a mansion!

Aaaaand, then we spent a whole day in TravemΓΌnde port, which is really mostly for freight… jaysus, I’ve never seen so many trucks and lorries in my life. And they have the biggest booze shop there! We had time to kill until our midnight ferry so we just hanged out in the car… once we got on the ferry, the 5 star hotel was a distant memory πŸ˜€

Stena Line again, yes, but this time the sleeping area was on the opposite side of the ferry engines and stuffs… It was, however, like a step through a time portal because it was proper… eh… I think I even tweeted about it- 80s Mother Russia vibe. The truckers were on the piss on their day off on the ferry (it was a 28 hour ferry journey) and by the time the final morning arrived, I swear there wasn’t a bit of fresh air on the sleeping decks- a waft of hangover mixed with … yeah, you get the gist!

But landing in Latvia at 4am in the morning meant that home was only a few hours away. The roads got snowier and prettier and colder but.. we made it πŸ™‚ 2 ferries and 2100kms of driving later.

Surprisingly I didn’t get much reading done, nor did I take a lot of pictures. I was keeping my eyes on the landscapes passing by, SatNav, map and road signs.

So, here I am. Settled in, more or less. There’s more to be done, of course, to start our Estonian journey but… I am enjoying it here. My other half is enjoying it here, as well, which would have been my biggest worry. But, he seems to be doing OK and my folks seem to have brushed up on their English a bit as often I hear himself talking about history with my old man and well, that’s good!

What’s next? Oh boy! I need to still catch up with your blogs, which I have been trying to do, slowly but surely. And then I seriously need to READ! And get them reviews up…

I will try and get my bookish post up next- what I’m reading and what will be up in the reading list next; I also have a new TBR Cull post coming soon!

That’s enough about me… if you’ve made it this far in the post- I bloody salute you, it’s not all that exciting.. but, here’s the important bit! What have you been up to? Tell me! How have you been and what are you reading and what have I missed in the blogosphere!??? πŸ™‚