52880658._sx318_sy475_In Rockridge, Ohio, a sinister family moves into a sleepy cul de sac. The Eldreds feed on the negative emotions of humans, creating nightmarish realms within their house to entrap their prey. Neighbors are lured into the Eldreds’ home and faced with challenges designed to heighten their darkest emotions so their inhuman captors can feed and feed well. If the humans are to have any hope of survival, they’ll have to learn to overcome their prejudices and resentments toward one another and work together. But which will prove more deadly in the end, the Eldred . . . or each other?

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Random Things Tours ebook 288 Flame Tree Press Horror March 26th, 2020

Waggoner puts the dys into dysfunctional, the dark desires into monsters and defines the reality in this story with society’s acne covered underbelly. I have to say, the idea of monsters feeding on people’s negative emotions? It has been something of a theme/topic in my household for a while. It’s a concept that has arisen due to the events in the world and the way unfortunate events and status quo is delivered by media that simply makes one think of scaremongering to feed the panic, in turn to feed the world’s many monsters.

It took the story a while to get going but it was necessary – to get to know all the people living in the cul de sac that the Eldreds have decided to funk up this time. And it’s important to know the characters well – their views on life, their individual wart covered personalities, But once the story gets going, it gets going. And all in all, it’s just a colorful mix and match of everything that can be wrong and taboo in our society – this is what the Eldreds thrive on!

Who are those Eldreds? Glad you asked! They are these beings who feed on negative emotions. Of course, they also create the situations to help people act and feel decidedly out of sorts to ensure every drop of any kind of negative emotion will surface. They are beings that kind of look like humans but also give off this vibe that they’re not quite? It’s as if your human brain sees what it’s meant to see but your senses give off this immense vibe of ‘wrong’.

The Forever House delivered discomfort, standing hair (not in ovation, rather in disgust), fascination and relief that this is, in parts at least, fiction. Goes without saying, this book is perfect for midnight reading, aye. So, heed my warning- unless you’re a hardcore specimen who can take the dirty, filthy humanity with all of its horrors, then this book is probably not for you. Trigger warnings delivered through graphic content. The Forever House is unlike anything I’ve encountered before – packs a punch, for sure, and makes me want to bleach the world of its impurities!