It’s no secret that non-fiction is not as popular as its attractive sibling fiction. But even in non-fiction one can find gems. I know, some think non-fiction and all that comes to mind is dry, boring, hard to read text. It’s not always the case. Non-fiction, when delivered with a certain passion for the subject and maybe from a unique angle, can be very captivating.

Anyway, I came across this Friday Five feature on La La’s blog and though: eh, I have some non-fiction titles I can also show off in a blog post. And here we are.

The Kerry Coast by Tony O’Callaghan: an American lady living in Castlegregory, Ireland, organized a book festival in the village back in 2018. I can’t recall how I got involved. It was some kind of chance encounter that saw me offering help for the event. Anyway, I met a few local authors and Tony was one of them. A white haired older gentleman with a sweet smile and shy, yet friendly attitude. He was kind to give me a copy of his book. Why I want to read it? I simply love it when people are passionate about something. Writing a book and publishing it is no small feat. Tony must really love the Kerry coast ๐Ÿ™‚

The Islander by Tomas O’Crohan: I got this book for Christmas from my father in law. It has been sitting on my shelf for a number of years but I have been on the island in question – the Great Blasket island – and I know this title details an important part of Irish history and culture, and thus I feel that if there is one title I truly must make time to read in getting to know the Irish spirit, it is this one.

The Secret Societies Handbook by Michael Bradley: I got this title from a second hand shop purely because I knew my father would be interested in reading this. I am his book dealer these days. Naturally, he read it and said there wasn’t anything new to him, but I’ll still have a go. It’s a short enough and quick enough title.

Why I am so Wise by Friedrich Nietzsche: I’ve only read one title by Nietzsche before- Beyond good and evil. I found it difficult enough and interesting enough. He’s a bit of a black and white kind of guy. Iron principles. I just find it interesting… Why not? It’s always great to get the brain into action a bit.

The Wisdom of Life by Arthur Schopenhauer: my copy is in Estonian and another second hand store score. I’ve never read Schopenhauer before, have you? I have always known of the philosopher, but his books never kind of crossed my road and I didn’t actively search either. So, when this title popped up, I didn’t hesitate in getting it. I’ll let you know what I thought of it once I read it, very soon hopefully.

What you think of my non-fiction titles? What are the 5 non fiction books on your shelves you plan to read in the near future?