Hey you all, lovers of chonky books! A bit of news for you today!

The Wolves of Amleth is released into the world – a full series omnibus of 768 glorious pages filled with “Norse mythology, plots and counter-plots, conflict and betrayal!

“The Wolves of Amleth has been 8 years in the making, rolling 3 books into one epic Norse saga.”

Tirith’s life is turned upside-down when Drake, her twin brother, abandons her after they were raised and trained in isolation. Unable to live under the perceived tyranny of their grandfather, Drake sets off into the world looking forward to an adventure. Arriving in the dystopian city of Náströnd, Drake finds a new mentor and becomes involved in a bloody coup to eliminate the city’s ruling class.

Amid plots and counter-plots, conflict and betrayal a determined but uncertain young woman undertakes a treacherous journey to meet her father for the first time, overcomes racial bias in a foreign land, and learns the truth about her family’s sinister past. What she discovers leaves her with no choice but to find her brother and attempt to save him from the violent life he has chosen. But does he want to be saved?

So, are you going to get it? Are you? Are you?

Sure you are! Here’s the link to the paperback: The Wolves of Amleth