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For Authors/Writers

Wrote a book and now could use those first reviews on Amazon? Goodreads? Other Internet-wide promo?

Search no more- I love reading and would happily receive your book via post or email, read it as quick as possibly possible and write a review.

How it works:

1. Contact me on my email- and let me know about your book, about your intention to send me your book for reviewing, and if it is a physical book you would like to post, a .pdf via email or e-book for Kindle.

2. Upon my confirmation that we are good to go and have available time –> Send me your book either via post or email

3. I read it

4. I write a review

5. Review goes live on my blog

6. Share the blog link on Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Goodreads, etc

7. Win-Win. I get to read, you get recommended.

One thing to keep in mind- this is a no fee service. I will not accept money, I just want to read.

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