You remember those days in your life when all you could think about was mingling with the opposite sex? Your hormones were raging and the world was so totally open at your feet but you didn’t really know what to do with it?

Remember those days when you thought you had it all nailed down to every single detail in this fabulous plan which was your life? Those days when you thought you were so very grown up and there was nothing else really new for you to learn? Those days when there was hardly enough alcohol and fags to get you by and you were amazedly wondering what were those hangovers that older people moaned about? Those days that slowly worked magic in your brain and slowly turned you from a raving teenager into this adult ready to face the pain and misery of life?

If you remember those days and enjoy remembering those days because they were fun and crazy and totally overboard then you should read “How to Build a Girl”… Caitlin Moran writes this fantastic book where you fall in love with the Wolverhampton family, where you can nod in agreement to the council estate life and where you grow with Dolly …

Guaranteed laughs!

Source:  Goodreads
Source: Goodreads