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Embrace yourselves, readers! Apparently Ryan is not only great  at writing awesome books (because that’s what Book 1 of The Pandora Chronicles is!) but he is also ace at giving interviews!

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I feel as if I didn’t praise the book enough… For that reason, I will mention this again- reading The Pandora Chronicles will be a unique experience for you, for everyone, in fact. Now, after reading Ryan’s answers (which you can find below) I can connect the author to the book and you will be able to do the same. I most warmly suggest you get your hands on

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And without further distractions from me, let’s move on to the interview- it’s really funny! 🙂

  • How did the idea for “The Pandora Chronicles” form?

I’ve always been a fan of the field of archaeology (even considered it as a career at one point). Although mostly I just watched Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider movies.

The idea came from a pair of video games actually: Assassins Creed and Uncharted. I love watching cutscene movies online and the notion of ancient aliens just appealed to me so much.

Basically I mashed the whole ancient alien thing with an archaeology buff – and then added a little ESP and some Lovecraft-esqu aliens to the mix.

  • Tell me about your writing process- any rituals you always follow while writing? A certain band you listen, a certain food you always nibble on? A place?

For this one, I listened to a lot of Krewella. In fact the band is mentioned a couple of times by the protagonist Nick Solomon.

Interestingly enough, whilst I’m usually a shut-in, I did write most of this novel in a coffee shop (because apparently I’m a walking cliché)

  • Did you agree (with yourself?) on the audience you wanted to target with your book before you started writing?

I don’t usually think about the audience and just write, but I was targeting people who like Clive Cussler type novels, Sci-fi in soft elements and adventure novel lovers.

And of course, people who just like funny, action-adventure novels with protagonists who get kicks in the crotch (actual scene in the book)

  • Is there a certain fear-factor in publishing a book?

Always. Most of the time, when I’m writing something, I just think about the story and all that. But once I type “The End” and give it to my publisher, there’s always that anxiety of either someone telling you it’s a horrible piece of crap and all your work is for nothing, or that it’s too good and then the pressure is on to deliver something blown way out of proportion.

Good news is that most of that would be inside your head, which is why it’s good to be upfront with your publishers and managers and such.

  • What did you find to be the most difficult part of writing “The Pandora Chronicles. Book 1”?

This is my first adventure, sci-fi, thriller so the genre was different. Unlike my other series, the Legacy Series, the protagonist had no magic and none of the typical fantasy stuff. Even if there is a supernatural element of ESP in the books, it is very small and Nick has to rely on his brains and ingenuity. Which meant I had to rely on my brains and ingenuity – and that is never easy.

This is also written in 3rd person POV, so often I would get confused whose head I’m occupying and which angle the scene is being told. It’s 3rd person from Nick’s perspective but it had a very different feel than writing 1st person, as if my first series.

  • Aliens! Do you actually believe in them, or are they just great fiction material?

Sure they exist, otherwise Immigration would go out of . . . oh wait not those kinds of aliens. (I apologize for the lame joke.)

I do a lot of research for this series – and by research I mean watching a crapload of Discovery channel. The universe is too vast for only us humans to occupy it (although some egos do require a lot of space).

I do think there are other intelligent life forms – and it’s because they are intelligent that they stayed the hell away from us. Maybe once we fix the planet and stop killing each other – who knows?

  • Any tips for emerging writers?

Just do it. (And if you work for Nike please don’t sue me.)

Seriously though. You can read all the writing books you want and plan as much as you want (both of which are important) but a writer, by definition, writes. So sit your ass down and get to it.

Don’t worry if you suck – we all suck. Eventually we get better. But you gotta start somewhere if you wanna improve.

  • Show off your unique brain and make a sentence using the following two words: “coconut”, “burn”

Always shave a coconut before you make love to it; otherwise you get a friction burn.

(Hey, you said unique brain right?)

  • What will you never write? Something you absolutely despise reading about and therefore will never ever include them in your books? If any?

Erotica. I have nothing against it (when done right) but I think there is way too much of it out there. Way too many badly written stories about secretaries or interns or farmyard workers or firemen – or dinosaurs, if you really wanna get crazy.

And by the way, if you do want to write erotica, at least do some research and write a decent story.

Personally I can’t write that so I doubt it’ll ever be an issue in my work. No, no – I prefer my explosions to be loud, fiery and perilous. (Which is ironically the same formula some erotica writers I know use.)

  • What next?

Well Pandora Chronicles 2 of course. That’s a series right there, and I think there will be about 6 books.

For those of you who like urban Fantasy you might wanna check out the Legacy Series.

And starting next year I’m be publishing a new series of serialized fiction called Evil Plan Inc. This one is a dark, psychological thriller for those of you who are into that.

When I’m not writing I usually just exude my insanity on my podcast, The Lurking Voice podcast.


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Thanks Ryan, for taking time, and can’t wait to read more from you!