I’m on the roll, lads! I have been reviewing a few books recently and through some luck I haven’t had to read something I really disliked… Until now..


I am kidding, of course!!!

Source:  Goodreads
Source: Goodreads

I absolutely love the first book of The Pandora Chronicles. It just has it all! You see, the 1st book has two parts. The first part is set in 1700s and I love historic settings! The second part is modern and funky and I love that, too! And it’s all in the same book and it all ties in to a perfect story!

Also- I could say conspiracy theories are a hobby of mine, so reading something with aliens and the All-Seeing-Eye (in the form of a belt buckle, by the way!!!) just cracks me up- I am in 7th bloody heaven 😀

The dialogues are flowing with such ease in both parts of the book- it’s fantastic to read… This is one of those books that will appeal to everyone! Truly- no one can read it and say “Oh, I disliked it!”- it’s impossible!

You’ll have your dose of aliens, pirates, government and a bit of supernatural. You’ll have a sweet dose of romance and quite a good dose of cheeky!