Environmental issues, power-play, ancient Mayan gods, a Coyotl (yes, Coyotl) that turns into a drop-dead-gorgeous young man, a green being of mannegishi, vodun (no, not voodoo), and a bit of reality- admit it- it sparked some interest in you!

from Goodreads

A few days ago I published an interview K.D. was so very kind to tackle.

You know what? It feels strange how some times you read a book, or watch a film, on a serious issue (such as environmental problems, a nuclear power plant worry, fracking causing earthquakes, rubbish in the vast oceans, etc) and when we read about these issues in books, or see them in the movies, we tend to take them as someone’s brain-children, or brain-babies. But I really am humbled and in awe and in the process of having my faith restored because people notice! Authors notice the issues, the global issues that should bring the message home to all of us.

“The Obsidian Mirror” is a highly entertaining read- there is action, there is love, there are weird things happening. It’s very imaginative and in parts cute. I still think Fred would be my favorite character from the book. A weird, cute and cuddly being who can make himself invisible.

I like the feminine power that eventually saves the day. I like that even though the book will take you to a world set-up that doesn’t exist (or maybe it does?) and still has normal every day problems entwined to it. Job loss, attraction, decisions, responsibility.

If you want to read about good fighting the evil and good winning, then “The Obsidian Mirror” is for you. It’s not going to be a boring fight, I can assure you, because a stud-muffin of a coyote, a group of women with powers to call on ancient gods, some regular gun-wielding men and world-saving feathers from a snake-like god?

Yes, get my point? 🙂 It will be something totally different to your regular vampires vs werewolves drama! And it’s great!

Again- you can find “The Obsidian Mirror” on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk