“Tremor” by Ryan Mark

The YA Dystopian Genre and Global Issues
Ryan Mark, Author of Tremor (ISBN: 978-1906954833)

“There are hundreds of global issues facing the world at present. What better way to draw attention to them than the YA Dystopian genre? An exciting story is a great way to introduce readers to important themes and capture their attention in an engaging way.

The stories that come under this umbrella mostly depict a violent future for the world (The Road), some having society controlled by a totalitarian regime (The Hunger Games, Divergent), which was brought about by the current behaviours of society remaining unchanged, for example, continually draining the Earth’s natural resources, or, continued contribution to global warming, to name a few. The stories may be set in the future, but the reasons leading to that future are very close to home, and so, this genre is one way in which a concerned author can put forward world changing issues to a teenage reader while keeping them entertained and captivated at the same time.

A variety of issues and subjects can be covered in a book that falls into the YA Dystopian genre, from war, death, oppression, despair and environmental catastrophe, and if introduced into a plot that can hold the reader’s attention for a long period, these issues can be subtly placed into their minds without being too intrusive in the way in which they are described and put forward.

This genre gives readers the chance to read about such issues, without having to live through the hardships of what might be happening in that particular future. It gives the reader an experience and lets them imagine what such a world would be like, and maybe might make them think twice about leaving their mobile phone on charge all night…

The YA Dystopian genre can also be used to introduce global issues to a younger reader with limited global knowledge, without having to over complicate the description with too many scientific terms and explanations, which is great when trying to make them aware of the troubles that are currently ricocheting through our society.”


I hope you enjoyed Ryan’s guest post and please do read the interview below! As you read Ryan’s thoughts on YA Dystopian novels and Global issues, I believe we can all agree on one thing- we are dealing with a very intelligent author and his works are something to look out for! I am quite positive Ryan will change the world in his own way. It might seem a small impact to some of you, but once you read Tremor you cannot unread it and there lies the magic of it all 🙂 I was one of the first people to read Tremor, before it was printed into a finished book and published. I even wrote a review

Please take note of how to find Ryan online and where to purchase “Tremor”- there are links to various websites at the end of this post!


Liis: How did the idea for “Tremor” form?

Ryan: The Dystopian and Post-apocalyptic genres have fascinated me for a long time. I believe these are the most frightening and potentially life changing genres around at the moment. I’ve always wondered what would happen if the world we knew changed forever, if society fell and the human race had to start again. How would this change the world, and what would we be left with? This led me to the question: What if? What if the world you knew was destroyed? If the life you knew was torn apart? And it was from these thoughts and my own imaginings that the story of Tremor was created.

Liis: Tell me about your writing process- any rituals you always follow while writing? A certain band you listen, a certain food you always nibble on? A place?

Ryan: A comfy chair and a cup of tea are essential. I enjoy writing with some kind of background noise. I’m not one who can write in complete silence – something about the silence makes me feel uncomfortable and alone. If I’m listening to music it’s usually instrumental, particularly piano music, but I do enjoy listening to Imogen Heap as I write. She is an inspiration of mine, and her music stimulates my ideas and imagination.

Liis: Did you agree (with yourself?) on the audience you wanted to target with your book before you started writing?

Ryan: Yes, I’m most comfortable writing in the Young Adult genre. I believe it’s one of the most accessible genres in the market place. The target audience of the Young Adult genre may be young adults, but this doesn’t mean that the genre isn’t for older readers. That’s what makes this genre great. Such a wide variety of people can enjoy reading books that fall into this category, whether they are young or mature readers.

Liis: Is there a certain fear-factor in publishing a book? Tell me about your experience with Britain’s Next Bestseller?

Ryan: Yes, publishing was new to me, so I did feel scared; in fact I felt a wide range of emotions from fear to excitement. But in the end, the overall feeling I felt was satisfaction, so the initial fear was well worth the outcome. BNBS (Britain’s Next Bestseller) are a very supportive publisher and my experience with them has been extremely positive. The pre-order campaign that led me to my publishing deal was an exhilarating experience and it was humbling watching the number of supporters grow as the campaign picked up momentum. I would definitely recommend doing it this way as it shows the author that people really do want to read their book.

Liis: What did you find to be the most difficult part of writing “Tremor”?

Ryan: Killing off characters – this is the most difficult thing I have encountered in writing.

Liis: Any tips for beginners?

Ryan: The best bit of advice I can give to beginners is to take it slowly. Pace yourself. Don’t rush. Getting a book ready for publication takes time, it’s not a race, so don’t feel like you have to rush to the finish line.
Also, make use of planning – use a thought shower/brain storm before you begin your novel to put all your ideas onto one piece of paper. This way, all of your ideas appear in one place and you’ll get a good idea of if they work well together.

Liis: What will you never write? Something you absolutely despise reading about and therefore will never ever include them in your books? If any?

Ryan: Love triangles. I really don’t like these. I wouldn’t write one into my books.

Liis: What next?

Ryan: I’m currently working on the sequel to Tremor, titled, Tremor: The Fracture. I’m also hoping to put together a compilation of Horror stories, and write a fantasy story, going back to an idea I had a few years ago.


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