In our teenage years it might feel and seem so important to BE what everyone else expects from us. And to learn a valuable lesson for ourselves, it is important to experience this period of life. We learn that in the end it matters only that we should not be ashamed of who we are and that trying to be someone we’re not only makes the fool out of us. It teaches us who are true friends are. It teaches us who WE are! It teaches us what and who really matters and that being true to ourselves will eventually work out better for us than trying to act the clown for some douche.

So yes, it is important to care about what others think of us. To a certain extent. To a certain time. At some stage we need to cut the crap and cut the ties. Let them douchebags run free and be the person who you are. Be it proudly!!! Cos, darn it- we rock! Unless we’re the douches, that is.

This is starting to sound like a pep-talk. Ha! It is.. for you, and for me!

Where I want to end up with all of this is that I need to sometimes remind myself that “Damn it- this is my turn to live now and I will live exactly the way I want to!”

I often worry about what the inlaws might think, what my own parents might think (but less so cos my parents are bloody awesome and I actually KNOW what they think of me) and sometimes I base my decisions of how I will be perceived. Soooo.. that’s when I have to remind myself that I have a freaking right to live my life the way I want to. I am an adult now and my decisions should not be put under a spotlight. Not that they are actually put under a spotlight. And therein lies the problem. I think in MY HEAD that I will be judged all the time, constantly on my every move. And that’s my problem.Hence the reminder of it’s MY turn now. It’s YOUR turn now. To make a life and live it! To the best of our abilities.

And if I want to wear a studded belt to my office work, and walk around the town like a goth I will bloody well do it, because I can!!!