Ever have dreams that stay with you for the whole day?

I’m not even talking about the typical nightmares featuring boogeymen and 9-legged slimy bastards. Just the dreams that make you uncomfortable?

Why do they happen?

I am totally disturbed now for the day. Again.

Anyway, I am one of those people that battles stress by releasing it all during my sleep. During stressful times I don’t lose sleep, I sweat! I mean, like proper buckets! I wake up at night because the bed is totally soaked and then I can’t go back to sleep because.. eww! Never have I been drenched like this in a sauna, for example. Only when I sleep and when I am stressed out. I remember waiting for the results from the skin clinic. It took them 5 weeks. I don’t think I have to mention how many times I had to change my bedsheets… It got old, you know. washing machine was on the go like it belonged to a brothel.

Lately I think my dreams are also becoming consumed by stress. And naturally the forbidden fruits. Christ almighty, the absurdities!!! I could write a book (if I could actually write good enough) and beat Jackie Collins in the charts! Ha-ha!

Trying to analyze my dreams I came to the conclusion that I normally see the apolyptical waves, bears and/or trains. So, it’s either the beach being consumed by the 100 meter wave my legs under me like boiled noodles, or I am in the forest trying to out-clever a family of 6 brown bears or somewhere on a train, catching a train, getting hit by a train. Recently, bits and pieces and people from the past have started to seep in. And it’s so disturbing! You have no idea… (or maybe you do)

What is this? Identity crisis?

One of the creepiest dreams I ever had was about 7 years ago. I dreamt that I was in my home village, at one of the abandoned houses that has a well in the garden. In the bottom of that well lived a man. Like a proper zombie type man. Not a live but not dead either. He was very gray looking and … like Frankenstein’s monster. I visited him down there in the cell to clean his “living space”. You know, the usual, dusting, change the bed, keep company (nothing adulterated!). It was so freaking strange. And when I took a bus during the day I thought, looking out from the bus to the people waiting for a different line, that I saw a guy standing there who looked like the Well-Man from my dream. I nearly shat myself!

I do know, that it’s the brain playing tricks. But why?

Anything like this ever happen to you?