Of course I spent my 8 + 4 days of holidays reading. In fact, I read 27 books in those days. Most of them were romance novels and I don’t divulge in this genre often, but when my brain needs a rest from content-heavy and from reading that I need to think along to, cheesy romance novels are my turn-to buddies.

From those 27 books, 3 were in The Crystor Series and 8 were in the Not Until You series. The Crystor series was really good. Like really really good and while it had a bit of romance and love and *sigh*-*lovely fantasy land* it was better than Twilight! The Not Until You series was randy! I mean, hells-bells randy! BUT I am totally honest when I say that I can’t remember what was written, what the surrounding plot was to all the spicy scenes. Could not tell you. Hence, resting brain.

As for the rest of the 16 books. Some were the 1st books to a series which I didn’t feel like pursuing. Some were stand alone books, and a pattern started to form.

It seemed that every book that I read had something with weird eye colors. Like violet, red, and then your normal blues, browns, greens. So the regular blues, greens and browns are “displayed” as THE most amazing blue/green/brown with speckles of gold. And they sparkle like midnight stars! Ugh! Come on, what are we all? Jewels for eyes?

The couple of BDSM themed books I read tended to have the woman as a submissive and the male as the Dom. Why not the other way around? (I got them fro free for my Kobo, so don’t bloody well judge me!) Maybe there are BDSM books there that have it the other way around, but I will never know… BDSM is not in my reading list.

And two books, that were themed around Motorcycle Clubs.  They both had the damsel in distress with a biker with bulging muscles, long hair and who as an ex-army guy having been to Afghanistan and knew how to fight the evil and save the woman.

I came to a couple of conclusions- I will never read a BDSM book again. I will never read a Motorcycle Club book again. I will always roll my eyes in desperation when I see the wonderful, unique eye color mentioned again as if it was the only god damned feature worth the mention.

I am glad holidays are over!

Here’s to 2015! 🙂