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Where to start…First, let me thank Ava for handing over her book, her hard work and her baby of sorts just so I could read and review. Now, let me explain why I was struggling whether to give 4 or 5 stars as the rating. I went with my gut in the end. I wanted to give it 4 stars because it was so mentally disturbing, but for the same reason of being mentally disturbing I had to give it 5 stars. It well and truly worked. The message was delivered, point taken and mark made! My mind was reeling from the overwhelming try to deal with “What if it was real?”… “It could be real”… “Oh my god, how would anyone survive this pain?”
For a highly empathic person this book will offer an emotional roller-coaster ride and not through fields of unicorns and fluffy bunny rabbits. It will take you down the roughest road of all the darkest feelings, confusion and heartache. It will horrify you and show you the scariest effects of a broken human mind. It will make your heart stop at times and make your stomach drop in anticipation!
I was shocked, I wanted to stop reading because I didn’t think I could deal with what was to come but I couldn’t. I needed to know how it all ended. I needed to get through this book to get closure for myself. Closure, which is an overarching theme of “Honest”. I admit, I have cried before due to heightened emotions from reading. “Honest” made me bawl. I won’t tell you though whether it was in the beginning, middle or the end of story. Read for yourself and discover how something as simple as waiting a character make decisions can place you, as a reader, stuck in between a rock and a hard place!
I absolutely loved how the title of the book plays with the whole story. I can’t really say much again, without ruining the reading experience. But my overall opinion of the book is absolutely great. Not only does it deal with serious, real issues, it gives it to you straight, no smoothed edges, no glittered up lies. Not every time a reading experience has to offer you a warm, cosy feeling to offer escape from this world. Sometimes a reading experience has to go so totally against the grain, brush against the very hairs on your skin that it will forever be stuck in your memory!


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