2015 has really had an epic start! I guess luckily it has been and will continue to be so busy that there’s hardly time to moan about anything. A lot of my personal hobbies have fallen to the background, such as learning to code on Codecademy, learning Spanish on Duolingo and entering for short story competitions. It’s sad really, I miss doing all those things but I am simply flat out at work. Weeknights after I have the dinner made I sit on the couch for an hour, restless, and then head to bed with a book. Normally at 9:30PM. Talk about missing out on life. Weekends I tend to spend reading as well, with occasional household duties.

A few good things have come up recently though…

  • I got married
  • Spring is nearly here… daffodils are in bloom here in Ireland
  • Ava Bloomfield published a novella “Never Grow Up”
  • I get to go visit my family in March.

The trip in March was something I have been waiting since October 2014. Something kept pushing my plans to the future and this time I refused to get anything on my way. We will need a 4 hour car trip to Dublin to get on the plane. Spend 3 hours on the plane to Riga where we will be picked up by my very wonderful family who will have to drive 3 hours to get to Riga and 3 hours to get back home. Just because I am being selfish and NEED to go home to reload my batteries. Talk about a pea, princess and a half! And then 8 short days later do it all again in reverse… With return flight landing at midnight in Dublin, I should be back in my Irish home at 4AM. Then take a day to sleep it off and go to work the day after.

Like last time in Estonia, I am hoping to have a visit to the skin clinic where I am hoping they will cut another two ugly looking nevi (atypical moles) off my back even though the doctor didn’t mention them being dangerous. It’s just that they keep getting stuck- one in the bra-straps and the other gets rubbed by the waistband. Super annoying. And did I mention ugly? Once the scars will be healed and the tests come back clear (hopefully) I plan on covering the scars with tattoos.

So, this is me letting ye’s know I am still around. And I have my next entry planned. I’ll be back with some criticism and condemnation quite soon… (yes believe it, I have been keeping a list of things that have baffled me and you’ll find out quite soon about!)