Spread… up the walls…

2015 has really had an epic start! I guess luckily it has been and will continue to be so busy that there’s hardly time to moan about anything. A lot of my personal hobbies have fallen to the background, such as learning to code on Codecademy, learning Spanish on Duolingo and entering for short story competitions. It’s sad really, I miss doing all those things but I am simply flat out at work. Weeknights after I have the dinner made I sit on the couch for an hour, restless, and then head to bed with a book. Normally at 9:30PM. Talk about missing out on life. Weekends I tend to spend reading as well, with occasional household duties.

A few good things have come up recently though…

  • I got married
  • Spring is nearly here… daffodils are in bloom here in Ireland
  • Ava Bloomfield published a novella “Never Grow Up”
  • I get to go visit my family in March.

The trip in March was something I have been waiting since October 2014. Something kept pushing my plans to the future and this time I refused to get anything on my way. We will need a 4 hour car trip to Dublin to get on the plane. Spend 3 hours on the plane to Riga where we will be picked up by my very wonderful family who will have to drive 3 hours to get to Riga and 3 hours to get back home. Just because I am being selfish and NEED to go home to reload my batteries. Talk about a pea, princess and a half! And then 8 short days later do it all again in reverse… With return flight landing at midnight in Dublin, I should be back in my Irish home at 4AM. Then take a day to sleep it off and go to work the day after.

Like last time in Estonia, I am hoping to have a visit to the skin clinic where I am hoping they will cut another two ugly looking nevi (atypical moles) off my back even though the doctor didn’t mention them being dangerous. It’s just that they keep getting stuck- one in the bra-straps and the other gets rubbed by the waistband. Super annoying. And did I mention ugly? Once the scars will be healed and the tests come back clear (hopefully) I plan on covering the scars with tattoos.

So, this is me letting ye’s know I am still around. And I have my next entry planned. I’ll be back with some criticism and condemnation quite soon… (yes believe it, I have been keeping a list of things that have baffled me and you’ll find out quite soon about!)



    • Thanks 🙂
      It’s funny how it always goes from one extreme to the other… when you’re bored and times are quiet, you’re so bored it’s agonizign and you wish for some action and when action comes, you’re flat out wishing for some peace and quiet 😀 ahh, humans, we’re just never happy 🙂


    • Jah, ma ei tea kuidas lugejad kannatavad seda yyratut entusiasmi, mis mu kirjutatud ridade vahelt neid pimestab 😀
      Aga- tegelt said lapse? V see lihtsalt mingi random pomm sinna kahe tavalise tegevuse vahele surutud?


        • Jah, mulle j6udis nyyd just l6una ajal kohale, et Sa yritasid n2idata l2bi selle tegevuse rea, mismoodi ma oma ebat2htsad ja t2htsad asjad reastan 😀 ma olen ikka napakas jah vahel… aga see rikastab!

          ja Hergo, see, et Sa koolis t88l oled t2hendab, et oled naturaalne lapsevanem!!!?!


          • Erinevus rikastab, oli mingi aeg siin Eesti tänavatel rippunud plakatitel kirjas 🙂
            Tegelikult tähendab see seda, et kõik sedasorti vajalik energia kulub tundidesse ja pealelõunastesse trennidesse ära. Koju tulles tahad vaheldust.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Arusaadav! Muidugi on vaja vaheldust… ja kui nyyd m6tlema hakata, siis ma vist l2heks ka hulluks kui oleks 6petaja ja siis peaks koju last minema kantseldama.. mis t6estab, et 6petaja amet on raske ja selleks l2heb vaja erilisi inimesi, kes hakkama saavad 🙂


                • ma usun, et enamus inimesi pole saamatud, Sa ka mitte… ma usun, et kui on olukord, v6i lapsed :D, siis lihtsalt inimesed teevad seda, mis vajalik… ja Sul tegelt “lapsi” kyllaga teades, kui palju erinevaid tegevusi Sul on…


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