A few reading related questions popped into my head… My own answers don’t impress me that much, to be honest… So, I’d like to know how others feel 🙂

1. Would you find it strange when a bad-ass looking guy was reading some seriously serious book? Like the 50 theories of philosophy or something? Or would you shake your head when you saw an old man sighing romantically over the Twilight series book?

2. Would you judge a person based on simply what they were reading?

3. Would you take a person, who only reads romance novels, seriously, or would you dismiss them as “Ah, what do they know, they read trash!”?

How many people are out there who are actually enjoying reading something this very moment which they would not like to get caught reading?

4. Or are you one of those people who really don’t give a fiddler’s **** what people think of your reading preferences?

5. Do you think the fatter the book, the better? The more intelligence-filled it is?