The following story is a rather incredible one to me! Hang in there, I’ll explain the picture if you don’t already know what this item is for.

I met someone!

Well, not really-really. I mean I met someone here on WordPress platform who I think is a better person than you and me. No! Don’t run off yet!!! Let me explain!

Ha-haa… You see I stumbled across her blog! And while I sometimes like to put pressure on others to consume less, to use less and not to throw their trash out into the wild, or onto the streets and to try and recycle, she does it way better. She is this powerful woman with artistic talents and she creates amazing things!

Please go to her blog and see for yourself if you don’t believe me!

Sustainable art & Design Blog by Miss Ostensson

She creates amazing  art with ecological materials, keeping in mind our lovely Mother Nature. She re-uses materials and she does it well! On her blog you can find wedding decorations, which look absolutely amazing! You can find wall-art and dolls created out of old clothes. And darn it- she creates paint out of food!!!

I am by no means an artistic person but her creations never fail to amaze me! Like never!

Let’s move to the mystery item on the photo.

You wouldn’t believe it, but she posted this to me from Sweden before Christmas! The item on the photo is an eco-stapler. Yup, you read it. Basically it’s a little gadget that “staples” your papers together using no other materials than the paper your “stapling together”. Her blog post covering Christmas tips for eco-friends will show you exactly how it works, too!

So this little eco-stapler-baby is in my work office and I introduced it to the 4 men I work with. Believe it or not, but one of them walked over to my desk today and asked to use the eco-stapler! Huh! Without Miss Ostensson this stapler wouldn’t be with me and now being used in my office… I think, even though a small step, it’s a step towards a positive change. I feel positively great about this small event and this lovely little office helper.

But wait- I have more great news!!!

She has a shop! So, if.. no, not if, I mean WHEN (because it is only a matter of time before you do!) you fall in love with what she has created you can own it! 🙂

Visit EcoDesignUmea to see more of Maria’s creation!

Thank you, Maria!