Recently read a sentence from a book. It was from a Greek guy living in America and he said something in the lines of “I go home to remember who I am”

It totally made sense to me. This is the reason I always feel the need to go to Estonia- I need to remind myself who I really am. Is it the cultural difference, or the fact I don’t actually have physical friends in this current period of my life, apart from my husband (ha-ha, husband!), that it’s kind of like I am being diluted… like paint. And I forget that actually I am more than just who I currently am? I don’t know. Every time I get to visit home and family though I get a recharge. I am more confident and suddenly know again what I want.

Sometimes I think I am being silly. Like it’s all in my head- needing to go to the roots to realize who I am? Sounds pretty weak to me. On the other hand, it makes me happy. The fact that I actually have a place I can go that changes me, brings me back and clears my head.

And now I feel selfish. A lot of people don’t even have a home and here I am moaning about something so trivial.

“First world problems” as the saying goes… I wish we could all, every single human on this planet, just have those petty first world problems…