Besides reading, music has a quite a big part in my life. A lot of people do. We can all relate to lyrics (unless it’s some pointless song by Minaj or Cyrus or one of those… ) or we can all blend into the instrumental. There’s always some aspects of music that can make the goosebumps appear… And, I do like me a good bit of metal and rock n’ roll but at this very moment I wish I was back in Estonia, in my brother’s house listening to ATB, DASH Berlin and van Buuren… My brother is big time into trance and not because he goes to clubs… He genuinely adores the various musical aspects. Heh, he could talk you to sleep how great one sound is next to the other, mixing in.

For me, listening to trance is the go-to-comfort-zone when I miss him, when I miss home. Listening to trance is guaranteed to make me smile, because I can imagine just sitting there with him, inside music, HIM wearing a goofy smile, and there’s nothing better than seeing my brother happy. I know he would seem tired as well, but content. We hardly ever talk to each other in those moments. I know he is as happy to have me there as I am to be there. Miss you, bro!

Your little sister