As with Hopebreaker, Lifemaker has wonderful cover art- it’s “bang on” as Rommond would say and absolutely beautiful!

You know… I am so utterly jealous of authors who write fantastic stories that keep me glued to my couch… In West of Ireland… when the sun is shining outside… which hardly ever happens… Anyway… I regret nothing!

Steampunk continues!!! And we have moved from the sandy dusty desert to the deepest depths of ocean. I mean, so very deep it’s scary!

Lifemaker is the second book in The Great Iron War series. It is action packed and sticky. Sticky, as in, there are sticky situations (plenty of them) and it will! glue you to your couch or whatever is your “poison-position/location” when you read. It’s also a very manly environment what with Hopebreaker on board, a secret nuclear bomb?, Copper Vixens… Ahh, yes, the Copper Vixens and their Matron…For some reason I kept imagining the Matron as Mother Russia from Kick-Ass… You know, super short hair cut, and when you approach her from the back… or front, even, she still looks like a man with bulging muscles, numerous scars and a look that lets you know- you ain’t gonna win the fight!

I like how Jacob’s character has changed from the beginning of Hopebreaker and throughout Lifemaker and I look forward to reading how he will continue to develop in Skyshaker (the third book, that is yet to be published by Dean!) as a man… As a decent human being. Or will he succumb to  his old ways and let the coils drag him back to a world that he has always known?

As a female reader, I would like to take care of Whistler, because darn it, he is a nice kid and doesn’t deserve the harsh truth (What truth? Ha! Get the book and find out!). Which leads me to Tabitha… I just wish I could slap her out of it. That woman is annoying!! I just can’t make out what it is she does… well, I kind of can but at other times I don’t. She seems so tough and out for the cause of humanity, and I agree that a war needs strong characters, either male or female, but being one of the Pure, you’d think she had more love for kids than just seeing them as a means to an end…

The Lifemaker has been an incredible journey for me as a reader. I was excited, angry, sad, surprised… Most importantly, it left me wondering what happens next… in Skyshaker… I connected with some characters and wished I could meet the others. Dean creates the most gripping situations, characters with interesting, heavy and dysfunctional baggage and, my, the descriptions of deep ocean, the machinery, the submarine.. I could picture it all very easily with Dean’s words as a guide…

And that, my lovely readers, is how good books are written for us to read and dive straight into the waves of emotions!


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