Generally on reading… lately…

They say if you want to be a good writer you better have read a decent amount of books.. It’s true. A lot of new ideas form, a lot of mistakes are crushed before they appear in your own writing and an awful lot of silly things start to grate your very being…

I have read a stupid big amount of books lately which has turned me into a bit of a fusspot over what I expect from a book. Nothing seems good enough anymore. Maybe I should take a break from reading? Huh, but what would I do with my free time then…?

So, I read this series… and while it’s a fascinating story where characters are great and action is thrilling, but the author used “Here, here!” instead of “Hear, hear!” and it drove me bami but oh well…

Not even a couple of days ago I started reading a book which had seriously good reviews. I was rather excited by the prospect of a great reading journey ahead of me. I only managed about 60 pages in. I was so utterly put off that I was grumpy all evening. Yes, a book with realistic human experiences is great and no, I don’t mind reading about grief and feelings that go along with it. My problem was it was an accident the book started off with and for the next 60 pages (and who knows how many pages more?) all I read was “Oh, I feel empty!” or.. you know, descriptions of all those depressing feelings and they really started to drag me down, you know? I hadn’t even had the chance to literally bond with the character before I was thrown into a whirlwind of their emotions. I would have liked to have had the chance to start feeling connected first, you know? And then I would  have been able to sympathize, empathize and cry WITH the character… now, I have a feeling I might be missing out something generally wonderful but I just cannot go and read it anymore.

It’s probably all me, not you (read: book). I simply couldn’t start a book when the first couple of paragraphs make me feel like a drenched rag ready to go jump off a building…

Anyway, moving on…

I am  currently reading a book about belief and it has me jumping with joy! I’ll be writing a review soon and hope to make you all run off to Amazon to buy it. Ah, it’s like the best read of non-fiction since I read a book about Tesla… !


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