That poachers are killing rhinos because there’s a market for rhino horns in Vietnam? It’s currently Vietnam. Before Vietnam, it was Japan, South Korea and China, Yemen…

Want to know why the market for rhino horns in Vietnam exists?

Oh, let me tell you. When I heard the lady, who works with rhinos, saying it I felt like punching a whole in the wall. Or well, punching a Vietnamese person in the face!

They want rhino horns because first they are wanted in the elitist circles. It’s a sign of “I’m rich and powerful and I have a rhino horn to prove it” … They powder it down and drink it. I would add to this–> “I am rich and powerful and also an asshole and I have a rhino horn to prove it!”

The second reason they are after rhino horns is the medicinal reason, same reason as the other markets had in China, Japan, S-Korea, etc. But it’s also mentioned that rhino horn is used as “body detoxifier following excessive consumption of alcohol or rich food.” Source (click on the link if you want to read more. It gives an overview of the various markets):

I mean, really? Some petty human problem of hangover and indigestion???

If you went on a bloody bender, then suffer you, fool!

And please get me off this planet… Some humans here make me sick!

Here you can find some statistics and photos

To end this on a positive note- Isn’t it great there are people out there who care enough to fight against all this? It breaks my heart when I think of the sad scenes they have witnessed  but it also makes me respect them so much because they go out there and do something about it!