Victim- You! Victimised by- You!

Life is a series of accidents.

One thing leads to another. One accident pushes us in one direction towards another accident, which kicks us off course towards yet another accident. All a long in parallel motion we are jogging alongside ourselves, watching! Looking on how we stumble yet into another brick wall. We shrug it off while we swirl onto a hatch, hidden on the ground, put there to swallow us whole. That’s alright, we’ll dig a tunnel. in the darkness…

More shrugs… More indifference.

It is so easy to blame everyone else for all the crap we are going through. It should be just as easy to sometimes point a finger towards our own chest and give a good aul’ poke because we were just looking on, witnessing.. We watched as it happened… Yet sometimes we could have, should have, halted the string of happenings.

More shrugs… Keep going, holding hands with indifference, without realizing we are our own worst enemies…

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