Morning like any other: I wake up, make two cups of coffee and start on the pancakes for himself. No, he doesn’t actually get pancakes every morning!

There’s another pancake about ready and I look over my shoulder to see his plate- is he ready for another one to smother in maple syrup. I find him gazing out the kitchen window, smiling like he had just won the lottery. I am used to it, he often stares into distance and smiles. I know he always visits those times from the past where things were so very good. Like the times with his grandparents.

He locks eyes with me and as he grabs for his phone he tells me:” I need to show you something!”

I am starting to get nervous. What might it be? Did he take a photo of a gigantic spider in my kitchen? Did he get a text from an ex and now he’s about to tell me we need to get a divorce? Did he score top points in chess? What?

He pulls up his photo gallery and shows me 4 photos. They’re taken in our sitting room. I look at him confused and start to get annoyed: “What am I supposed to be looking at here?” I mean, on the photos was the corner of our couch in the near dark room. I am still looking for a gigantic spider or even a mouse… Instead he gets up from his seat and tells me to go into the sitting room, where it’s dark. The curtains are pulled, we close the door and find ourselves standing in complete darkness with only the phone screen illuminating our faces.

He tells me to zoom into the photo and to focus in on the very corner of the couch displayed.

I do zoom in, and it doesn’t take me long to catch what he is trying to show me. My reaction to those kind of incidents is  getting teary eyed. I literally start watering out of my eyes!

On the photo, on the corner of the couch appears a face! Like a proper face… on one of the photos it looks like a sleeping baby and on another it looks like the face of an older woman.

And I am talking about eyes, nose, mouth… A proper-proper face!

He tells me how he was standing across the room from the couch one late night after I had gone to sleep and just noticed it and started taking photos. My reaction would have been- hells, I’m outta here! But he revels in the idea of old loved ones still lingering around…

I do believe that us humans, we are not just flesh and bones. What makes us human is our energy. Once the body dies, our true beings never really leave.

We are energy and frequency waves… Would you agree with this statement? Or do you believe we are just here for a number of years and once our shell goes, it is the complete and final end?