I smoked for 15 years and then quit for 3 years. Back then I quit because I wanted to quit. I had started smoking only half a cigarette at a time, so basically I was wasting. I didn’t really feel like smoking anymore and so one day I threw half a pack of fags into the bin and said “Enough!” From that day on I was off the fags for 3 years. Until this year… I have been back smoking for 4 months and I feel awful. Not because I broke my clean streak, but because I physically feel like crap… I am tired, I’m dragging myself from point A to point B, smoking always makes me so darned hungry and last night my heart started doing this weird dance again. I knew then that I better stop. I have been entertaining the idea of quitting for the past 2 weeks- disgusted with myself, really. The tiredness and the heart rhythm are two symptoms I can identify from my smokers run from past. The 3 years that I was off- I didn’t have those problems. I can feel the difference. Therefore- I am going to smoke my last fag and call it quits. Again…

Well, you gotta try and try again… I did quite well last time around with the quitting business so I hope this time it will go as easily! 🙂


    • Oeh…. juba h2benen ette… kaks p2eva pidasin vastu siis koperdasin suitsupaki otsa jalle 😀 ma ei teagi, millest selline suva-tuju on… kuigi tervis kannatab, ikkagi ei suuda seekord veel end paika panna ja see lollus l6petada… eks n2is… ehk mingi ilus p2ev olen jalle tugev! 🙂


    • update: t2nasega 9 p2eva smokefree! 😀 kui miski muu ei sundinud maha j2tma (e.g puperdav syda ja v2simus), siis juuste v2ljalangemine oli deal-breaker ja imedekombel oli suht kerge see otsus teha seekord… hmm… weirdo 🙂


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