I like those moments when my brain reveals something so obvious, yet which I was unable to see for a long time. I like those moments. They momentarily stun me into an unmoving statue and I grasp to hold on to the idea, to revel in it… Let me start from the beginning and explain the revelation that came to me yesterday.

You know how every movie, TV show, magazine, etc is sold by half naked women? A Woman- no more than eye candy, piece of meat, a piece in the game. For some reason in a lot of Hollywood movies you often see women traipsing about naked as if that was the only power they had. Well, or seemingly it is the only power they have. We have, seeing as I’m a woman too? Meh… I always mumbled that it’s not fair because you hardly see men naked.. Not that my mouth would be watering for it, but you know… you get my point. Fair is fair, right? It’s as if it is totally fine, and we all go unfazed when women are stripped down and things (bad and good, “damsel in distress”-kind) happen to them… I always find it uncomfortable… I dislike how women are portrayed as nothing else than weak chess-pieces in a storyline, and it sells. I always roll my eyes when, you know the hero of the story saves the woman and like 90% of the time they end up as a couple. Is it that tragedy connects people? Ah, I wish I could bring examples… but thankfully I don’t keep a memory of every piece of Hollywood film in my brain.

Ok, let’s move on. You see, until last night I hadn’t seen it. I hadn’t noticed. Us women- we have nothing to moan about- we are pieces of meat to men as much as men are pieces of meat to us. At least in the creative world. That’s how it gets portrayed anyway… Sex sells. Empty, pointless, “escape from reality” kind of mumbo-jumbo.

I am signed up to quite a few eBook newsletters which come with great offers, etc. Last night I was scrolling through my daily eBook newsletter to find if there was anything to add to my Kindle or Kobo. There’s a fantasy section, a sci-fi section, biography… well, everything… and of course the romance… Every darn romance novel cover is illustrating a buffed up macho man on the cover with their 6 pack, or 20 pack (hahaha), the bulging biceps, the occasional tattoo, the low hanging trousers…  The army guys, the bikers, the rockers, the businessmen… the bad boys…

So, you see, we are all just treading in the waters of shallow. I won’t complain anymore about the unfairness of only women being objectified. The same is done unto men. I don’t know why I didn’t realize it sooner. Maybe because I’m blind… or stupid… or slow… But better late than never (: