Screw Friendship (#1)

Pretty much from the beginning of the book I thought- oh ffs, everyone in this book is just crazy. I mean, crazy with papers. And maybe they are, or should be. But that’s just life isn’t it?!

It takes time to get to know Frank, and I don’t want to give any details away because they are all little snippets that you will enjoy finding out about! I wish I could tell you everything about Frank, but that would take the fun and surprise out of reading this wonderful series!
There are wolf-ears included! And I Love it! I could just imagine them all the time and it was a great little touch!

This book is great… just great… it has its dark bits and its definitely funny bits and the bits that you think are going to be (or are) disgusting… and dangly bits!!! But are they? So many twists and great logical yet unexpected turn-abouts and turn-abouts that you are relieved over, even, and characters… It will definitely have you twisting in your seat with embarrasment, with wonder and with excitement of what’s going to happen on the next page!

Pursue Friendship (#2)

Pfff (I share a habit with Frank. I always “pfff” as well!) – I realized it has been a while since I last enjoyed a book so immensely!
Ah, the secrets and the schematics! You know- you can try and start reading this series and roll your eyes thinking “oh I know where this is heading!”… and I can tell you now that you’ve never been more wrong and your eyeballs just did a three-sixty for nothing! You never know where you’re heading in this story until you reach the destination! A fact!

It’s like one of Frank’s jigsaws. Not like a 500 piece puzzle, but a freaking 100K piece puzzle. Simply exciting, then a bit frustrating and in the end, magnificent!

From the first book on wards Frank develops further in this second book, not only as a character in a made-up story where another side of someone is revealed, but he develops and grows as a human. It’s nearly beautiful to read- how he figures things out. Reluctantly but still….

And yeah, the mother hen effect does rear its head when sh*t hits the fan- I’d just want to walk into the story, take Frank by his collar (’cause no hand-holding, right… germs) and whisk him away into a lovely little life with no more morons around him! Sick one-track-minded people! =)

Well, on wards we go… cutting it short now, even though my mind is still in a stir with adjectives and nouns about this story… but let the action speak for itself- I am starting the 3rd instalment of the series! It must be good, eh? 🙂

Deny Friendship (#3)

Well done to author- you, sir, are a majestic writer!!!

Clever… just simply clever! Book 3 was equally enjoyable with Books 1&2. I mean, you can’t pick a favorite out of these 3 because they feel like … great, like home. You wouldn’t pick a favorite child if you had 3 of them.. I mean, I know I didn’t write those books but I feel like these are the best 3 books I own so far.

So… Book 3… For me, personally, an emotional rollercoaster. I quite honestly cried for Steven and laughed till I was out of breath for Frank (and with Frank, because one does simply not make fun of Frank) and I was so bitterly angry with Claire. Women! God, what a bunch us women can be!

I liked finding out about all the personal baggage and the skeletons in the closet (literally… maybe, you gotta read to really know, yea? ) I liked the storyline- there was a lot of detail and various events/situations that were somehow so nicely glued together to make a perfect story!

Bring on Books 4&5… I miss Frank already… What am I gonna do without him? *pouty face* I know I am going to be thinking about Frank a lot… until we meet again, my asexual friend. I love you! 🙂


And that’s that… I’m still pouting.. I mean how does one read 3 Frank Friendship books and move on from that? I don’t know… I think I’m addicted to this series and I am facing a tough road of a serious book hangover and withdrawals. I just don’t know how to put it in sticky enough words or tangible enough numbers to get across the point- you really need to pick up this series.. No BS, that…

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