My two favorite past-times are reading and music. Music gives me a boost and I do everything a lot more efficiently. I iron with music, I cook with music, I clean with music and walk with it… Reading with music in the background is a double edged sword though.

Because I love both so much multi-tasking with these two simply doesn’t work for me IF there’s a tune that is the current flavor of the month. For example I can’t read and listen to Slipknot at the same time. I either read and I miss out on the fabulous drum beats I so desperately want to learn to play, or I concentrate on the beat and read a page from the book without having a clue what just happened.

I cannot listen to HIM  while reading because Ville Valo is one of the greatest lyric-masters! Not to mention his amazing bass vocals. Reading while listening to HIM is like being stuck in between two worlds, and that’s never a good place to be.

Funnily enough I can read with lots of other background noise… be it Himself playing PS or watching news from RT. But when he addresses me with trivial things while I am so totally engrossed in a book (and having mentioned how cool the book is with twisted crazy look in my eyes as a hint to leave me in peace) I can pretty much look like this: