No profession, hobby or, in fact, nothing in life comes easily to people. We always have top jump through loops, hop over the rocks thrown in our paths and avoid the sticks heading our way like the ninjas we are! Book reviewers also have their own sufferings to adjust to, avoid or tackle head on. Here are few that came to mind:

  1. Plagiarism (I wrote about it in this post)
  2. No likey, no lighty! – This is a common side effect for readers who are frankly too soft and gooey in the middle (myself included some times). This obstacle occurs when you really like author’s previous work and the book you read is total let-down. And then Guilt raises it’s head and you’re chewing on your fingernails because you simply don’t have the heart to rate them lower than Goodreads provides in their star-rating system. Eh, what to do… what to do?
  3. Fan-girling/fan-boying– a double-edged sword, that situation! (Gosh, there’s a lot of dashes in this line already) This symptom appears when you just loved the book so much (so-so-sooo much) that you write a review that is overflowing with your feels (like, really, you’d need to enter some kind of an overflow system for unnecessary feels to flush away). You publish it and realize that you forgot to mention one of your most favorite character, event, cover, etc. Then you think- well, blimey, now I need to edit and update but everyone has already read the post so.. what to do… what to do???!! =)
  4. Spreading the awesomeness of what is your favorite book!– This is a challenge sometimes. You want the whole world to read the book you love so-so-so much and yet you can’t just go and shove it down someone’s throat. You tweet it, you blog about it, you blog about it again, you add the books to your favorites shelf on Goodreads and have your fingers crossed. You use every opportunity to recommend it to people under relevant status updates and on and on it goes. You think- Why won’t they just believe me? 🙂 You’re afraid to click the Recommend button on Goodreads because some people will shout into your face- S.T.O.P S.P.A.M.M.I.N.G ME! =) Sheesh, it’s just a book rec! Gosh, get your panties in a twist, why don’t you?! By the way, don’t hit me, but have you heard about Frank yet?
  5. Originality– how do you make yourself known and loved as a book-reviewer?  Do you stick to your ever-funky personality and let it shine? Do you write a serious and professional review? Do you write your heart out or add the popular gifs? What to do… what to do?! Luckily, there are all types and sorts of reviews out there, some more  detailed than others. As we are all different in our tastes and views our reviews already have a stamp of our own personality and uniqueness.

Feel free to leave a comment with the obstacles you have butted heads with!