We are definitely dealing with an educational read here. And, to be honest, more people should read these kind of books more often. How else are we going to give ourselves a chance to understand the world? How else can we develop opinions unless we know about religions and beliefs?

It is a very thorough and detailed, yet prompt account of existing Beliefs in our worlds: their beginnings, the why’s and the who’s, their histories and more importanly- their effects on the population of the world.

Religion has never been my way of dealing with life but I do enjoy reading about them just so I can understand, just so I know.

The book explained reader the following:

Judaism, Christianism, Islam, Nationalism, Racism, Communism, Asian Beliefs (Daoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism), Greek Mythology, Enivronmentalism.

So, as you can see, everything is covered. You’ll get to read how one Belief has affected another. It’s really a one-stop-book for all you need to know.

Upon a chapter about Nationalism I got slightly itchy. Before starting this book the author mentions that no “finger-pointing” or taking sides will happen. Yet I got the feeling Nationalism got just that. Maybe I misunderstood, but… I just wanted to argue.. no, just debate with the author on this subject. But, I won’t go into this here. No need to start a turmoil of annoyances and he-said, she-said kind of war 🙂

The book points blame on religion, nationalism and racism for all the wars world has suffered. As if to offer a solution to all humanities problems- see where we are going wrong, and we have a chance of fixing it. End all war by stopping extreme religious beliefs, nationalism and racism. Maybe the author is right. Who knows, right?

Now, I might sound like “glass half empty” kind of girl, but in my opinion it won’t happen. We’re just too far gone. Because the Beliefs have so deeply embedded into us and because there will always be as many POV’s as there are people on the planet. And that’s’ why wars, the killings, the violence will never cease. Sadly.

And to finish, here is a quote from the book:

Beliefs are inspiring: they lift the eyes and the spirit from the dustiness and dullness of the daily world to great visions of God, freedom from want and a better future for you, your children and their grandchildren.

But, as they inspire, so they create fanaticism – the more extreme version of inspiration. Inspiration turns fanaticism when people find the power and nobility of their Belief is strong enough to prompt and justify actions outside social norms; it provides a justification for violence to yourself and to others.

That quote alone opens up a whole new can of worms. And my mind is running wild with need to discuss more and more and more.

Fantastic read, provoking and necessary!

Book source: NetGalley