It is rather strange to be sitting behind a laptop again! I have been MIA for a week and now these tiny keyboard buttons are like a mystery to me.

I visited my family back in Estonia and I had the most fantastic time. Sure, I realized I don’t necessarily like travelling itself, but for some reason stepping foot to homeland is always a good way to recharge the batteries of who I really am. I seem to forget about that in Ireland. I seem to forget about what I really can achieve and what life is like. Strange, really.

Before I’ll give you an overview of what’s happening in the book segment of my life, I would like to tell you the most memorable moments from my trip.

As always, I stay in my brother’s house when I visit home. The good thing about my family is- we all live in the same village in three different locations. My brother’s house is at the edge of the forest and that suits him well because he is a forester. The very moment I stepped into his house I face-planted into his work clothes. Creepy? Maybe… But there’s nothing better than the smell of forest, sawdust and fresh air with a hint of machine oil!

My mother had stocked us up with the food I had requested so before sleep I had about 2 litres of sour cream salad which was a bad idea because going to sleep with a full stomach that night prompted some pretty screwed up nightmares about zombies who could be healed back into humans by feeding them custard cream. Go figure!

My niece took me to her workplace the next day where they had a client day. So, I hung around big fancy tractors, combine harvesters and stocky farmers. My niece is a tall and fit looking 20 year old who loves and lives tractors. Why waste time on modelling when you could produce food and be useful?

Over the weekend we celebrated mom’s 60th and once everyone was wined and dined, I settled down on the couch with my brother to listen to music, full blast, until 4AM. The perks of not having neighbours.

Overall, there’s just nothing better than waking up in the morning, bringing some firewood in from the shed to get the fires going and enjoy the view of a calm forest. I didn’t open my laptop, I didn’t look at my Kobo, I didn’t even have my smartphone in my pocket.

Back in reality though, I am now trying to catch up with work emails and show you a sign of life. I am back in full force and it’s going to get busy with reading.

My favorite man Frank Friendship has been up to some explosive stuff over Halloween. 2 in 1 darkly fun short stories starring the man himself are available for free on Amazon, iTunes and Kobo (LINKS below). There’s fun and typical Frank-behaviour. Don’t miss this! If you haven’t read the Frank Friendship series yet then perhaps these two short stories will give you a taste for the MC’s quirks and personality. Laughs guaranteed!

1. Frank Friendship’s Free Fireworks

With Halloween and Bonfire Night approaching fast, the church committee votes against fireworks, but Frank just isn’t the kind of guy who’ll settle for sparklers.

2. Superluminal Strawberry Split

Planet Earth and a young Frank Friendship is on a mission for an ice-lolly when he encounters hostile aliens.…/…/B017EL0JMQ…/…/B017EL0JMQ…/frank-friendship-s-free-firew…

Via Bookbridgr I requested “The Leopards of Normandy: Devil” by David Churchill, and it was well awesome to arrive back to a new paperback to read and review.

I received an email from Barnaby Taylor to read and review his book “Falcon Boy and Bewilder Bird versus Dr Don’t Know in a Battle for all the Life of all the Planets”. I got to say- I look forward to reading this! Described to have plenty of action, adventure and sarcasm and starring a fairly hopeless hero this book calls out to me. having lived in Ireland for 8 years I have full faith in myself that I am able to get the Irish humor.

And last but not least I will be reading and reviewing a book by Mark Donovan called “Waterkill”. It is scheduled to be self-published in December, so stay tuned to find out more about it in the coming weeks!

For now, this is the end of my update! I will be following up with reviews on Frank’s short stories and the other books in my immediate list to read.