In this book by RG Manse we have two short stories starring Frank Friendship. The enigmatic character always up to no good, no bad, and all sorts of other shenanigans.

1. Frank Friendship’s Free Fireworks

With Halloween and Bonfire Night approaching fast, the church committee votes against fireworks, but Frank just isn’t the kind of guy who’ll settle for sparklers.

Frank’s Free Fireworks is a story set around Halloween and Bonfire Night. It will have you laughing and gasping. It’s quite amazing how one man can be so much trouble without having a clue in his sweet well-wishing mind. With harmless intentions, yet full of adventure, Frank delivers a proper firework display which remains a mystery to some. In the process he manages to eliminate a stupid toad cake! The story stars a younger hunky Frank, church committee ladies and gentlemen and a non-flammable mattress! What could possibly go wrong? Suitable for reading even when it’s not Halloween!

2. Superluminal Strawberry Split

Planet Earth and a young Frank Friendship is on a mission for an ice-lolly when he encounters hostile aliens.

Superluminal Strawberry Split features an even younger Frank. It’s about a stupid shopkeeper trying to screw people out of ice cream and Frank just doesn’t stand for unjustice. I am always amazed at how Frank finds a unique way of saving the planet. How he is in the middle of everything that goes wrong but always walks away a winner. A mix of simplicity, mischief and pure luck!

The two stories are short, sweet and funny! A perfect way to get to know Frank and his uniqueness as a character before diving right into his 3-book series. Find links below on where you can download the short storie bundle online!…/…/B017EL0JMQ…/…/B017EL0JMQ…/frank-friendship-s-free-firew…

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