Sorry, but I have to ask!

So… In numerous occasions I have come across book titles along the lines of Bear + [insert any chick lit keyword to get the ladies licking their lips]… I don’t know.. along the lines of Naked Bear Adventures, or friggin Saved by the Bear (I just wrote those on the fly, hoping no one actually has books titled like that. If there are, I’m sorry it’s simply a coincidence and I’m not individually trying to attack) and also book covers with half naked men and bears.

I mean, I absolutely love bears… just look at them all fluffy and growly and with those teeny tiny ears! Adorable.

BUT- these books… they’re like paranormal, fantasy, shifters themed books… OK? Now, all good and well, but when I started noticing that the keywords also include “romance” and “menage” and “erotic” then… color be baffled, but … I’m slightly baffled..

Are these bear-shagging books popular? Like… Am I missing something really tasteh? I just had to ask- does any woman actually fantasize about having a man that shifts into a bear?

Help me out here: are we dealing with an acceptable form of literature, or has the world gone crazy? What? Ran out of viable options for creating a manly manย  to write into a romance book? Is this why we use, first wolves, now bears to be the most eligible, even though supporting a furry baggage, bachelors? What next? A lizard man? Ooh, imagine the opportunities with a lizard man! Or… Is this where we have come to now in romantic literature? Basically- is it becoming a societal norm to be seen reading a man/bear shifter in public and NOT be slightly embarrassed? Or am I being a square?

No offense meant to writers/readers of these books- Hey, whatever rocks your boat! I’m just trying to figure out where I stand in relation to these creations! *rawr*

EDIT: I started thinking, that anything really is acceptable in books… so why not bearmen… I’m not trying to be a judgmental B… I think ๐Ÿ˜€

Edit 2: In one of todays ebook newsletters there’s a book about a lion shifter. A paranormal romance where the guys shifts into a lion. Wheehay! The Animal Kingdom sure does seem to be covered!


  1. I read most of the Sookie Stackhouse series in which shapeshifters all morph into 1 type of animal , most of them being typical werewolves, though. Only there is this huge guy named Quin who transforms into a tiger. At first I was like…wut? Steamy sex scenes followed by tiger cuddles is pretty confusing. After 2 books, I guess I started to see the ‘magic’ of it. Still, it makes no sense. Does it imply that women are secretly craving beastiality? :O Yuck.

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    • LOL @ tiger cuddles … gawd… I don’t know, my mind can’t comprehend the modern romance novel at all-at all… I wonder, what the next weird hype will be.. we’ve gone through the vampires, we’re hopefully coming to the end of making out with animals… so, what’s next? ๐Ÿ˜€

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