Hi lovely people, check out this awesome MidWinter’s Book Giveaway over at InkedBrownies blog, hosted by Anne. Santa has no say in who’s the winner, naughty or nice, so whehay! 🙂

Inked Brownies

Last month I posted this:

Even though my last Giveaway was a little intense (like that camping trip), and I said I would just make an annual thing out of it instead of doing it more often, I still immensely enjoyed the moment when I could finally pick a winner! I love getting presents (duh), but I also love giving them. When I saw the image of a Midwinter’s Eve Giveaway Hop, that was my cue to sign up for it, because damnit, it’s the perfect time to give away presents.

I’ve decided the prize is going to be a Christmas themed/winter themed book and instead of just picking one myself, I’m asking YOU to vote on a book YOU think sounds awesome/is awesome/you want to win. I put up some suggestions myself, so you can vote on one of those, but you can also add a book to…

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