I am in a bit of a Limbo trying to review this book. I don’t like this feeling, but for the sake of my sanity I am simply going to be honest and give my honest personal opinion. As always.

On the not so positive side I found the structure of the story slightly offputting. You’re in present time, then you’re reading what appears to be the main storyline set in the past which makes about 80% of the book, and then you jump back to present. Nothing wrong with jumping back and forth the past and present, but I really really forgot what happened in the beginning of the book and how it was characters ended up in certain situations and who were behind certain events. Sure, every next line brought back some facts, as if I was the one with amnesia putting together the picture of my life. Also, on the downside for me, there were scenes which simply dragged for me so I bluntly skipped a page or two until I saw the dialogue starting up again. Lastly- I would have liked to have had a better distinction in between the past and present (a date in the paragraph titles or something) because at times I had to stop myself reading to figure out that I’ve just gone back in time and the past events did span across what seemed to me about 10 years at least? I’m not sure!

Having said all that, I can absolutely understand the choice of story structure- it’s kind of what pieces this story together, I simply wasn’t a fan of it. Also- I liked the general idea. Who wouldn’t like faes, pirates and sea battles? There was some good ideas to support evolving the story and didn’t miss its number of villains.

So, let me quickly introduce the characters you’ll meet when you read this book:

Amethyst is a Captain of a ship, also a fae-woman with magic and all sorts of ugly things happen to her. She still manages to come across as a carefree and strong who does what she wants, however outrageous it might be. Like draipsing around naked on her boat, but meh, who cares?! ๐Ÿ™‚ I liked reading about Amethyst’s ear movements! Yeah, the pointed faery ears! They move with emotion… That was pretty cool.

Amethyst’s protector and first hand Darien- I love a loyal character!

Captain Cadell- another major chesspiece in the story. He has a trace of vampire blood in him but nothing Twilighty. He comes across as a strong, fair character not afraid of work, battle and making the right decisions.

Captains Stephan, Leo and Mikhail- all with their significant parts to play.

Rating this book at 2,5 stars meaning “It was OK, and then some!”

If faes, pirates and a pretty adventurous story is what you’re looking for then here are the links:

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