Hi all, before you start grabbing for your thick wad of virtual cash as the good samaritan that you are, this is not a blog post to ask for your monies to aid the purchase of new sheep shearers, nor is this nothing to do with hedgehog sanctuaries or rescuing puppies! While I truly do my utmost to help the animals in need, this is a book blog and here, we’ll stick to the topic!

If you are on Twitter, I would like you to pop over and give your 2 cents on a poll which asks you to choose in between 4 book genres. Just pick one that appeals most and I won’t even ask why you chose it, I just want to see which comes out as most popular. And, alrighty, if you want to explain your choice then leave a comment. ReTweets are appreciated as is your time… Poll is open for T minus 3 days!