Because marketing a book for self-publishers is so very important and because sometimes authors don’t know where to start, or are aware of all the options out there for them, here is a good summary of topics to consider and explore. Thank you Susan!

Into Another World

Every so often I like to post a recap of some of my previous posts. Since this month I have been focusing on book marketing, I thought it was the perfect time for a recap of other posts I have written on the topic. It was hard to a narrow it down but this is about half of the marketing posts I have written.

Listed are the title of the post and the first few lines. If you want to read that post, simply click on the link.

Finding your book’s target market

The key to marketing your book is to market it to the reader who might actually be interested in reading your story. It does no good to spend all your time and marketing effort to try to sell your book to EVERYONE. (Click here to read more.)

Cover Reveal as a Marketing Tool

Blank Book CoverSo you have written…

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