Baby Come Back by Christa Maurice

Baby Come Back (Rock And Roll State Of Mind Book 4)Baby Come Back by Christa Maurice

My rating: 2 of 5 stars (It was OK)

I said to myself “Yes, I do like to mix things up and I need to add something different to my list of books to review. Challenge accepted”
Of course- Rock and Roll State of Mind- I like rock. Who doesn’t?

So, off I went and started reading, as one does with a new book. Going into it with no prejudice or expectations, just simply “Let’s see!”
And, I know how difficult writing can be- I’ve tried to do so as a hobby, and I try daily on my job. “Try” being the main word there! So, Christa Maurice has done more than I (and many other people who think they have a book in them but are unable to produce it) have achieved this far and I appreciate that! Good effort and certainly this book is to someone’s absolute tastes. You have the rock ‘n roll state of mind, the bad boy, the groupie… big love… HEA! What chick wouldn’t dig that?

Unfortunately, I didn’t. And it’s possibly a case of, “Sorry, it’s me. Not you!” Maybe I’m developing further immunity towards these stories. Maybe I’m a cynic, a hypocrite, a loveless cold-hearted bitch but there were just so many things that did not make this an enjoyable read for me. This book and me just didn’t develop the chemistry. And it wasn’t because it was badly written. It had a beginning, a middle and an end. I simply hated the characters. Let me explain why.

Anything, and I mean – ANYTHING- can happen in books. I welcome the variety of characters- assholes, killers, dreadful women, self-centred characters. The broken and the arrogant. The bullies and the bullied. I read it all. I keep an open mind. In this case- I found myself swearing more often than not.

First of all- the male MC Trent was by far the most awful pig of a character I’ve ever read about. And I’m comparing him to sadists, killers, etc. Trent simply had no (and I mean, NONE!) redeeming qualities. A horrible horrible bastard! I got no explanation as to why he was such a sorry excuse of a man. Maybe I should have read the 3 previous books in the series, but I didn’t. And anyway, they focus on the other 3 band members (looking at the blurbs it seems like it), and what I got out of Book 4 tells me Trent was a shit-biscuit throughout the series?

The female MC was… oh dear. When it came to Trent, she was a frikin’ trainwreck. A complete pushover ex-groupie. I pitied her. Like, wtf woman- were you born yesterday?! Thankfully she did take care of her child and you know, had a job and such. That’s not bad. Put Trent into the picture and… you got yourself a shivering melt-down who despite having been treated with utmost disrespect still loved the pig. Beyond me!

Whatever Jen and Trent had going on, was not love. It never was and it never will be. Not even in the makeshift world in between the cover of a book. Why I say so? Because for 4 years (in between him throwing her out of the room naked because she refused to have sex with another female while he was watching and the moment they meet again) apparently they loved each other, yet- what? Yeah, I’m confused. Where the fudge was this guy for 4 years if he actually did love her? Yeah, on tour… but… Hells, a postcard would have been nice… ? So, love? Absolutely not.

And then there’s a child. Of course there’s a child. A love child (puhlease!) A 3,5 y/o who is apparently smarter than most of today’s 12 y/o’s. Because she offers her mom to make sandwiches in order to save money?! Christ!

Maybe… I’m thinking now, maybe this book deserves more than the 2 stars I’m giving it, because as a book it managed to mangle me up. It mangled me into despair, and disbelief and “ohmygodpeople, can book characters actually be so thick?!” If a book manages to stir emotions in me, good or bad, it deserves some kudos. I appear to be rather meh about a lot I’ve read lately so to get a reaction out of me is an accomplishment πŸ™‚

Here are a some quotes that made me go bami-roll:
“The kid was too bright. Too much of her father in her.”– Yeah, no! The Daddy was an absolute asshat. And don’t even think to explain away that assholery by being a rocker. Trent was so full of shit and so empty of respect!

“But he couldn’t. She was well and truly under his skin. Irreplaceable.”– Yeah, no! I call bullshit. If she was irreplaceable then where the fudge was he for the past 4 years with no contact? Hmm? Or in the end, is it the guilt as he realizes he has been manipulating an emotionally unstable woman and then wants to change? Ah, there was a sex-scene in there that was more a match of words, a powerplay where she miraculously grabbed the bull by the horns (no pun) and became the dominatrix. TBH, I didn’t read the sex scene. I have too much empathy to have made myself go through that embarrassment of dysfunctional characters trying to reverse roles or whatever.

And here an example that made me think- sheesh, that lad needs a doctor, he’s bipolar or something:
“I can’t believe that bitch filed a restraining order.” – yup, that BITCH who he claims to love so much it makes him cry. Feeling the belly-butterflies yet? But wait, he then turns around and goes:
“She was crying? I upset her?” – uhm, really? πŸ˜€ So, I hope you’re starting to see why I just could not wrap my brain around Trent the Asshat and that undying love…

Rant over…

So, ladies- if a bad rocker boy is the man of your dreams and you secretly daydream how a bad boy, a pig really,Β  will magically transform into the best loving partner and Level 1, Best Dad in the world- that’s your book. HEA guaranteed!

I rate the book 2 stars- It was OK.


  1. I had to LOL all through this review :D. Holy crap on a cracker, this sounds bayud!

    As for …got no explanation as to why he was such a sorry excuse of a man… . Mommy issues, probably.

    Awesome review, I love how you treat the author with respect yet completely tear down the horrible characters in the book πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    • πŸ™‚ yeah, by far the worst, unstable characters I’ve evr read about. And I’m sure this was author’s intention.. I just can’t generally deal the presence of weak people (even if they’re just book characters!)

      Thanks.. my paranoia was kind of worried that I was digging into the author as well, but I’m glad it doesn’t seem like it, because I’m not… the characters though… 8shivers with anger* XD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Where was this two days ago? πŸ˜‚ If I hadn’t already posted the results you would’ve also been on the winners list. πŸ™‚ This is awesome! Oh my God this is brilliant! 5 Ranty Stars from me all the way! This book sounds awful. It makes 50 Shades sound good. I didn’t think that was even possible. And how could anyone like either of these characters? And the girl is such an idiot for putting up with him. And a love child? Oh of course that’s in there. πŸ˜‚ Wonderful rant! High-fives all the way! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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