Hi All,

Here’s the scenario: I read a book, wrote a review and left it sitting in the drafts. Either because the publisher/author asked me to hang fire until closer to the book publishing date, or because I had already published a post that day and didn’t want my followers to be bombarded with another notification. When I hit ‘Publish’ however, the post appears in the homepage according to the date that I first started the draft. So, for example- I had the review of The Hidden People ready in the drafts 1 week ago, today I hit ‘Publish’ but on the HomePage it didn’t appear as the latest post published, but popped up somewhere in between other reviews, 1 week ago. I went back and edited the publishing time to appear as the latest post.

That didn’t happen to me before. WhateverΒ  drafts I had sitting, for however long, once I hit ‘Publish’, they appeared as the latest posts. I mean, I have drafts that have been drafts for 2 months… Sure, when I hit ‘Publish’ ya’ll get a notification in your inbox with a direct link to it, but that still means they will not appear on the blog’s landing page because they’re somewhere in between other posts about two months ago? The way my site Theme works is on the Home page you’ll be able to see all the latest published posts up to 20 or 30 posts, I can’t remember the exact number. So, now I know I need to check the Calendar/Scheduling button when publishing a draft to make sure they actually appear as the latest and greatest.

I hope I didn’t make it sound too confusing.. It’s one of those days where I stumble over words… but do you get the gist of it? Am I going crazy or is this something new by WordPress? Is it the site Theme I am using that acts this way? Have you noticed this happening before? Surely, if you want to schedule a post to appear ‘in the past’ it would make sense to choose the past date not expect WordPress to automatically shift the post into the past by the date when the draft was first created?Β