Publishing/Scheduling blog posts.

Hi All,

Here’s the scenario: I read a book, wrote a review and left it sitting in the drafts. Either because the publisher/author asked me to hang fire until closer to the book publishing date, or because I had already published a post that day and didn’t want my followers to be bombarded with another notification. When I hit ‘Publish’ however, the post appears in the homepage according to the date that I first started the draft. So, for example- I had the review of The Hidden People ready in the drafts 1 week ago, today I hit ‘Publish’ but on the HomePage it didn’t appear as the latest post published, but popped up somewhere in between other reviews, 1 week ago. I went back and edited the publishing time to appear as the latest post.

That didn’t happen to me before. WhateverΒ  drafts I had sitting, for however long, once I hit ‘Publish’, they appeared as the latest posts. I mean, I have drafts that have been drafts for 2 months… Sure, when I hit ‘Publish’ ya’ll get a notification in your inbox with a direct link to it, but that still means they will not appear on the blog’s landing page because they’re somewhere in between other posts about two months ago? The way my site Theme works is on the Home page you’ll be able to see all the latest published posts up to 20 or 30 posts, I can’t remember the exact number. So, now I know I need to check the Calendar/Scheduling button when publishing a draft to make sure they actually appear as the latest and greatest.

I hope I didn’t make it sound too confusing.. It’s one of those days where I stumble over words… but do you get the gist of it? Am I going crazy or is this something new by WordPress? Is it the site Theme I am using that acts this way? Have you noticed this happening before? Surely, if you want to schedule a post to appear ‘in the past’ it would make sense to choose the past date not expect WordPress to automatically shift the post into the past by the date when the draft was first created?Β 




    • Mmmm… Interesting way to go about it… does the private post not send out a notification so? I know there’s a way to publish private posts and set passwords to them..
      So, when you say private- you don’t actually hit Publish?

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      • No, it doesn’t send out a notification. It shows up on your blog but no-one else can see it. I click on edit by the publish button and choose private, then when I’m ready to publish I click on edit again, choose publish and amend the time and date. I had awful problems trying to save drafts. I use the classic dashboard though, not sure if that makes a difference. I can’t get on with the new one at all.

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        • Interesting!!! And good to know!
          Now that you mention the classic dashboard vs the new swaggy post creation capability, it might be the culprit in causing those little glitches… Good stuff! I’m starting to get my head around this now πŸ™‚

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    • Yeah, that makes sense, I’m glad that feature works at least! πŸ™‚
      it’s the drafts being published into past that I find odd… anyway, there’s ways to work around so we shall work around! XD


  1. Happened to me as well. Lame that you now have to check the date to make sure it shows up in the live feed. A similar thing was going on on GoodReads all summer long with the status updates. It would magically attach a random date in the past to it, making it not show up on anyone’s timeline. So I kinda gave up on that until I’m certain it’s fixed :).

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  2. This has happened to me several times. I leave posts setting, either to continue working on or too hold off (I like to schedule things when I can because I never know when I will down and out) and then boom! It looks like I posted it a week ago 😦 I also was not aware of the GR issue.

    Silly me though. I have never thought to edit the publishing time.. sigh.

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  3. I’m used to using the schedule button because I want my posts to be published always at the same hour. It has happened two times I think that it was suddenly posted in the past and my heart nearly stopped. I changed the date quickly then but the tweet was not retweeted on the new date in the future. Grr.

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  4. I’ve never actually left anything as a draft like that before. I actually schedule most of my posts though simply instead of hitting publish I click the calendar next to that button and pick time/date and then it changes to schedule instead of publish on that button so if you know when you may want to publish you may want to just go ahead and schedule instead of leaving them as a draft that way they will always have the right date on them when they post and it’s all automatic so no worries of forgetting to go back and hit the button later. πŸ™‚

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  5. I’ve never sat on a post…I usually post it when I’m done. I should wait, but I think of my blog like a journal of my reading, too. But it’s good to know about the scheduling error when it comes to posts for books closer to the release date: I have a couple of books that are like that. So, good info!
    Thanks for sharing your blogging probs! πŸ™ƒ

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    • Ha, we’re the same in that so cos I normally write and hit publish as well… but I have loads of tag posts in draft and the occasional “don’t post review until at least two weeks before publishing date” as per NetGalley request.
      Glad I got to give you a heads up on that – keep an eye on that calendar button before hitting publish πŸ™‚ ❀


  6. I don’t know about WP, but in Blogger if you accidentally hit publish and then “revert to drsft”, when you do publish it the date you accidentally published it will post. Are you sure back when you first drafted it you hadn’t hit publish at some point?

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    • Yeah, WP is funny.. I was publishing a draft the other day and when I went to look at the scheduling calendar it was current time, so I was like- it’s intermittent. Nope, never pressed publish for sure, always careful with the draft saving, so I am πŸ™‚

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