[music] Van Halst- World of Make Believe

vanhalst01029squareVan Halst is a fierce, empowering force of hard rock fused with metal. Although their name draws the image of a European band, this ensemble hails from Edmonton, Alberta. The project, which began as a solo artist for whom the band is named after — Kami Van Halst, has since become a full group producing socially conscious, lyrical tracks that focus on disenfranchised and marginalized populations.


*This album review by Liz Scanlon was originally published on AllHeavyMetal.net – Discover new bands, listen to music and rock on!*

Van Halst! It is really easy to start liking their ‘World of Make Believe’ album. Sometimes, songs and albums can take more than one, two or even three listens to finally start appreciating what your ears are receiving. With Van Halst, my love for their music was quite immediate. Insta-love as the younger generation would call it and I’m not ashamed! If you’re going to look for Van Halst on Youtube and come across their title song- World of Make Believe- you’ll probably think- yeah, decent! What struck a chord with me straight away was the tone of vocals. Sometimes, you can just hear that instant match in between the instrumental and vocals and I hoped the rest of the album was going to be as good… Heh, the rest of the album was even better!

To keep a certain structure to all the things I want to point out about ‘World of Make Believe’ I am going to break this album review down to sections of instrumental, vocals, lyrics and the general feel.

Instrumental: The album starts off packing a punch and gradually slows to softer tones but make no mistake here- the instrumental power will carry on throughout the album. To my ears the instrumental delivered great crisp sounds with lovely tones of bass and drums which…. See full review…Β 

One of my favorite songs from the album:

Even if you’re not a fan heavier music, below is another video which includes lyrics. It’s slower, doesn’t have screams and addresses rape. I do suggest you check this out.


    • Yeah, guess that’s something new to me as well… Thought I’d give it a try and it’s all for fun… I try not to creep following book bloggers out with to many music reviews so will keep it to a minimum… Will see and have to think how I go from here… Thanks!

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  1. I’m so glad this worked out! πŸ˜€ I kept telling Craig that I have no idea where to begin when reviewing metal, but you my friend, did an excellent job here! πŸ˜€ *takes off hat* I just listened to the 2 songs while blog hopping and gotta say that I love’em both as well. The singer’s voice takes on an androgynous turn often and I love it when I can’t make up whether it’s a woman or a man πŸ˜€ Awesomesauce ❀

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    • Thanks & Cheers! πŸ™‚
      It’s so strange, the list of bands Craig sent me had some interesting choices there from all over the world and I took a quick listen to them all but Van Halst were like an immediate- yes, I want to hear more! πŸ™‚ Great great band!

      pffft, I don’t know much about reviewing music either, but shit, I gave it a go anyway! Total newb at this so in the sense of proper album reviews mine is like an sad attempt πŸ˜€ but well, time will tell, Ive a lot to learn and it’s all fun πŸ™‚

      Ah yes, the singer’s voice… blimey if I could pull a scream like her I’d start a band as well! πŸ˜€

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  2. O.M.G.
    I’m in love! What vocals!! Amaze-balls!!
    I heart you more.
    I’m so adding them to my wish list.
    Are you in the UK too? Or are you in the US? Or AUS? Because I’ve never heard of this group…and I saw they weren’t from the US. How did you hear about them??

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    • I know right? That band is mega!!!
      Van Halst are from Canada and I’m in Ireland (originally from Estonia)… but Anne from Netherlands put me in touch with Craig from the UK who runs the AllHeavyMetal website and here we are! πŸ˜€
      But jaysus… when you hear the rest of thw album- it’s absolutely fantastic!


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