Hi my dearies!

After a busy Saturday and Sunday into which I packed 18 hours of work- I know, look at me being all responsible?- I am starting my trip home to Estonia today.

I won’t be very active for the next couple of weeks and I may miss some of your fabulous posts but know this- I shall miss you all. You, bookbloggers, have been the highlight of my past couple of years… (Man, this sounds like I’m going to die or something!) My point is- I am going to miss you! πŸ™‚

I shall head up to Dublin today, pay outrageous money for a hotel room in which I’ll spend max 5 hours (I should’ve just cancelled the booking and bummed out the night in the airport!) and take an early AM flight to Tallinn tomorrow morning.


I can’t wait to see my family again… There are two new people for me to meet… my brother’s new girlfriend (yay, he’s not going to die a bachelor!) and my best friend’s little baby Jasper.

With the amount of time I will be in transit I should manage to read quite a few books and there will also be a new music album review at the end of October.

My wish for you:

Happy reading! πŸ™‚