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Never Seen A Nevergreen

list1. Find a book shelf. Β Can be your own or at a book store or a library.

2. Look at all the choices you have available.

3. Get overwhelmed and cry a little.

4. Ok, actually just have a long cry.

5. Tell yourself youΒ can actually do this.

6. Look back at the shelf.

7. Admire the pretty spines for a while. Β Maybe caress one or two.Β 

8. Pull a few books off the shelf and admire and/or judge the cover art.

9. Put back all the books whose artwork doesn’t appeal to you.

10. Find some more books on the shelves and look at the artwork.

11. Once you have accumulated a giant pile of books, start reading some back cover reviews for the books in front of you and any number of the authors previous works.

12. If you are felling really adventurous, read the inside cover…

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