33234223The Resistance races against time to complete the missile-launcher known as the Hometaker, capable of opening a gateway to the land the Regime came from, and exposing the Iron Emperor for all the evils he has done.

Everything rests on the secrecy of the mission, but from day one tongues are wagging. The atmosphere is like dynamite. An overheard word could light the fuse. With no time left on the clock, General Rommond is forced to make an audacious plan: finish the construction of the Hometaker on the move, driving straight towards the enemy, who have assembled in unimaginable force.

The Great Iron War is coming to an end. It’s all or nothingβ€”their world or ours.

I actually can’t quite believe this series, The Great Iron War has come to a conclusion. I have been following this series from the very first day, my very grateful thanks to author Dean F. Wilson for allowing me to embark on this journey with all of the characters, and I must say- I am a very satisfied reader indeed. The 6 books in The Great Iron War series have been a hell of a journey full of battles, small and big victories, a huge cast of different characters and many heartstopping moments.

Hometaker is a very strong finale! As there is no rest for the wicked, so there is no rest for the reader throughoutΒ the length of this book. I started reading this thinking there will be some kind of an epic battle towards the end of the book, that there will still be some kind of build-up before the characters I have learned to know over the past couple of years will face the Iron Emperor. How wrong was I! While the Emperor does make his appearance towards the end, the whole book is a battle… an epic read of war strategies, broken loyalties and fresh surprises.

Throughout the series Wilson has managed to keep me engaged with his execution- the environment, the machinery, the tactics and the characters are all solid. While I can be quite picky with action scenes in any book (because let’s face it, sometimes the action scenes are just a mess and a muddle), Wilson does not rush through a scene. He spoonfeeds the tension and ever single time delivers a new revelation to the best effect! While the series does focus a lot on character development, Hometaker is very much a testosterone filled book and I freaking enjoyed it one page at a time!

I am purposefully holding back on re-telling the book… I can’t tell anything of the plot because this is a review for the 6th in the series. If you haven’t read the first 5 books, I will not be held responsible for spoilers πŸ™‚ Just know this… if you decide to take a chance on this steampunk dystopian action adventure series, then buckle up, it will be a tension filled journey with a most satisfying (well done) ending!Β 

I may be biased when rating Hometaker 5 stars… but I don’t give a damn because the whole series has been solid for me and I feel every book in the series delivered. Often with a series one may find themselves wishing they quit while they were still feeling good about the whole story. Sometimes one may think- ‘Yeah, it’s gone 1 or 2 or 3 books too far’.. but The Great Iron War has been an great experience for me. If you love war books and steampunk and dystopian settings- do not hesitate to give this series a go!

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