#MusicMonday Dr Feelgood- Milk and Alcohol #pubrock

Happy Monday Morning- hahahaaaa… It’s Music Monday time and today I picked a song that I have been listening to most non-stop for a couple of weeks now.

Music Monday is a meme started by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek and the idea is to share our shared love of music by picking a tune you really like and then shoving it down your throats! LOL… #rocknrolltakeover

Anyway, back to today’s tune picked by me… I went with Dr Feelgood- Milk and Alcohol. The song was written in 1978 and hit the UK Singles Chart in 1979 as nr 9. I was really torn in between this song and ‘Roxette‘… because by the time Milk and Alcohol was recorded, Wilko Johnson was no longer with the band and Wilko is like… like someone said under Roxette video- ‘a clockwork guitar demon‘. Roxette and Baby Jane are tunes I would have in the replay/repeat list when chilling at home… well, tbh, I tend to more dance around then than do what I am supposed to be doing, but… win/win either way!

The singer and the bassist in Milk and Alcohol are just brilliant to watch… the facial expressions, or lack thereof when it comes to Lee Brilleaux (vocals) in this video… he just looks full of attitude and a bit drunk with his fag hanging out of his hand. To be honest, he looks a bit creepy, but there’s something about that creepy look that looks awesome as hell! And the bassist- Sparko- well, he’s just cute! He’s adorable with his ‘tash, playing and the rolling swag! Upper body swag!

And the shiny drums! Just comes to show- you can rock glitter!

Basically, if I had a time machine to go back into the 70s to attend their concert, I’d totally throw my knickers at them! 😀

White boy in town
Big black, blue sound
Night club, I paid in
I got a stamp on my skin

Main attraction dead on his feet
Black man rhythm with a white boy beat
They got him on milk and alcohol
They got him on milk and alcohol

Stay put I wanna go
Hard work, bad show
More liquor, it don’t help
He’s gonna die, it breaks my heart

I decided eventually
This ain’t doing a thing for me
They got him on milk and alcohol
They got him on milk and alcohol

They got him on milk and alcohol
They got him on milk and alcohol
They got him on milk and alcohol
They got him on milk and alcohol

Got up, I walked out
To the car, start it up
Feel bad, sad night
I never saw a red light

Sirens were a screamin’ all around
I pulled on over and I shut her down
A black cop gave me a shove with his gun
Said up against the wall and don’t make a run
They got me on milk and alcohol
They got me on milk and alcohol

Dr Feelgood is still going strong but none of the originals members are in the band anymore… Unfortunately, Lee Brilleaux died aged 41, but if Wilko and Sparko came together for a new band, I’d totally check them out!

Hope you enjoy the tune 😉


  1. Bwahahahaha! At least the world now knows that you wear knickers and are prepared to throw them at rockstars!😂

    Oh man, can’t help but laugh! The dude has a fag, that’s awesome in an it’s so politically incorrect way today!

    Look at you with your elaborate intro about the song! Here I am the creator and I just wrote 2 sentences at the beginning and then repeat it each week as I drafted a fair few weeks up in one go whilst listening to the songs.

    Thanks for taking part.🤘

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  2. Had no clue about this band, although I was aware of Roxette. This vid wouldn’t play here in the US, but I found another version (I didn’t get to see the sparkly drums though). I got so busy watching other videos of theirs I almost forgot to come back and comment. Ha ha. They do a fab Johnny B. Goode. Thanks for the heads up, no throat cramming needed. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • hahahaha, they’re a great band… I like the late 70s stuff but mostly because I haven’t explored their newer music yet… I think I would miss the presence of the singer/bassist/guitarist in the newer stuff- their vibe is so good… Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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